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Jamaica Yellow Pages looks to the future

Published:Monday | December 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM
CEO of Global Directories Ian Neita (left) presents a retirement gift to Lester Garnett, outgoing general manager, at the Global Directories Jamaica Yellow Pages 2016 Calendar launch and Mini Expo at Devon House on Tuesday, December 8.
Guests check out products from Technology Plus at the Mini Expo.
Jomo McLean, sales and client relationship executive at Hawkeye, shows a security feature to Kirefa Malcolm of Dier Executive Security Services.
Some of the gadgets that were on offer from Campbell's Office Supplies Limited, at the Global Directories 2016 Calendar launch and Mini Expo, held at Devon House last Tuesday.

It was all about looking ahead for the Jamaica Yellow Pages (JYP), team as it launched the 2016 directory in a glitzy affair at Devon House last Tuesday.

The theme of the new directory is 'the future of search' and this was evident as JYP also held a mini expo featuring some of Jamaica's most innovative tech companies and their products.

To boot, the presentations from senior members of the team were done via video.

Ian Neita, newly appointed CEO of Global Directories (the company that owns JYP), said the current advancements being made by the company were a source of inspiration and said the company was continuously evolving. He opined that to remain in business for decades took dedication, creativity, tenacity, vision, and right thinking.

"We've become a part of local culture," he said, while also promising greater value in the future. The JYP directory has moved from exclusively print, to text-based and online searching.

Last year's directory incorporated augmented reality which has enhanced the interactive capability of consumers. Starting with the 2016 directory, JYP promises to push the boundaries and take its unique brand of business information access even further.

But while looking to the future, JYP also said farewell to its general manager Lester Garnett, who headed the company for eight years. Neita lauded Garnett for returning to Jamaica to head the team.

"Lester has brought an air of expertise and he has done so much in transforming our company in the print," he said. And he is going out on a bang. This last directory that has been produced under his directorship, is outstanding. He has outdone himself." In his video, Garnett noted the thousands of households in which JYP directories can be found, and the more than 24,000 listings within its pages. He said it showed "the power of the print directory is unmatched".

"It has been a wonderful journey," he said. Ladianne Wade, director of sales for the Caribbean at Global Directories, noted the improved JYP mobile app, and the increased benefits to customers including daily news updates.

To the companies that advertise with JYP, Wade said, "We exist to connect you with the right audience ... at the right time." She also told the public to look out for more mini expos across the island.

"The future of search begins here," she said. The new directory, the cover of which was styled by Dexter Pottinger and photographed by Marvin Bartley, was inspired by current trends from both the technology and fashion worlds, including segways and smart watches. The new directory has been described as edgy, sharp, fashionable and stylish, and is already gracing work stations and coffee tables.

Tech companies out showcasing their products (and making some sales) were Campbell's Office Supplies, Hawkeye, Flow, TechPro, Technology Plus, PC Shop, Coldax Mart, Innovative Superstore, RightClick and Smart Mobile Solutions.