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Footprints: Zidan Barchan - A jovial and respectful son

Published:Tuesday | December 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM

He was an active individual. He was caring. He was smart and he was fun.

He was Zidan Marvin Barchan.

Born on March 11, 2005, in Kingston, his parents, Chenesia Chow-Grandison and Marvin Barchan, remember Zidan as a jovial and respectful son.

Zidan was always polite to everyone he met.

Not only was he polite, but he was pleasant.

"He loved smiling. He was just a happy person," his mother shared.

Zidan Barchan was affectionately called 'Marlo'.

He was a humble 10-year-old who attended the Cockburn Gardens Primary and Junior High School.

Zidan was a grade five student there and he enjoyed playing football and dancing.

"One of my best memories of my son was when he would dance for me. He could dance," Chenesia said with delight.

Zidan was a loving brother.

He had two brothers - Tyreek and Chavion - and one sister. He grew up in Kingston and he enjoyed watching television.

"His TV was everything. He would watch anything," his mother recounted.

His family cherished and adored him. They enjoyed the times they spent with him and appreciated the memories they could make before his promising life was cut short.

Zidan Marvin Barchan passed away on November 16. A thanksgiving service will be held on December 20 at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Olympic Way to celebrate his life. On this day, his family and friends will say their final goodbyes to the sweet and compassionate soul they knew and loved.

Zidan Marvin 'Marlo' Barchan will be deeply missed.

- Rasheda Myles