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Vere Technical teachers recognised

Published:Tuesday | December 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM

THE PUSH by the Ministry of Education to introduce resocialization programmes in schools is taking root at Vere Technical High School in Clarendon, where several teachers have been recognised for their efforts to foster a positive school culture.

Using strategies from the Positive Behaviour Intervention System (PBIS), the teachers have been able to strengthen or reinforce appropriate student behaviour while systematically discouraging inappropriate ones.

PBIS is part of a suite of behaviour management programmes announced by Education Minister Ronald Thwaites during his 2015-2016 sectoral presentation in Parliament.

Yasheika Samuda, PBIS team leader at Vere Technical High, cited several positive changes in student behaviour, such as an improvement in how students dispose of their garbage, thus resulting in less litter on the compound.

She disclosed that rewards were given to the classes that stood out in the area of cleanliness. Commendations were given at class devotions to the students who remained in their classes while a teacher was absent. Classes were also assigned target dates to decorate the notice boards with pictures, charts and comics highlighting the desired behaviours.

During the recent recognition ceremony, at least two teachers from each grade received certificates of merit and gift baskets for practising PBIS. Students also received rewards for participating in the PBIS logo competition.

According to Samuda, the teachers were excited and felt appreciated to be recognised for promoting positive behavioural change. She said the PBIS training has prompted the use of a reward system, where the positive behaviour of students is displayed instead of highlighting the negative ones.