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Birthday girl gives presents to schools

Published:Wednesday | December 16, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Contributed Picture: For her recent 40th birthday celebration Trisha Williams Singh's birthday cake decor featured the black water tank which she has been donating to needy schools in collaboration with Digicel.
Mary Mwakangale (second left), principal of the Crawford Basic School, with Trisha Williams-Singh (third left), senior corporate relations manager for Digicel with parents, guardians and students shortly after they received a water tank.

When Senior Corporate Relations Manager of Digicel, Trisha Williams-Singh, told family, friends, and colleagues to forgo buying her gifts for her 40th birthday and, instead, make donations towards the purchasing of water tanks for basic school across the island, there was no objection.

As one who serves as the board chairman of the rebranded New Forest Infant Primary and High school, William-Singh's passion for education is unquestionable and is evidenced through the initiative of providing students with the basic need of water accessibility.

"Since last year, when we first had our water tanks in school push-up challenge, I have become synonymous with water tanks, so I have received many requests from schools across the island. This school, in particular, reached out because a few months ago, they had to send children home because there was no water. As someone who is passionate about early-childhood education and getting it right from early in their lives, I had to find ways to grant the requests."


$82,500 in lieu of gifts


Having collected $82,500 in lieu of gifts, Williams-Singh has, so far, been able to acquire four water tanks from the manufacturing company Rototech, the first of which was delivered by Digicel to the Crawford Basic School last Wednesday.

"Next on my list is the Rock River Primary School in Portland, and what I am hoping for is that persons will start donating water tanks to schools because a school cannot have too many water storage tanks. I am hoping that going forward, the Ministry of Education will ensure that any school being built must have a concrete water tank also," she added

With poor water accessibility just one of the many issues faced at the institution, the donation of the tank brought hope for a solution to the other problems.

"Some time in October, we had to send children home for about three days because there was no water. The water tank we have here doesn't work and has not been working for the past six years. We had buckets of water that we collected, and even the parents brought water. I feel so good, so very, very good about this donation because our children here are the future and we have to take care of them," said principal Mary Mwakangale.

She added, "We are hoping that we can also get some help with providing the school with electricity because there is none. We also need a playground and some furniture."

If your school has a need for a water tank, email your request to