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Scotiabank introduces self-service ambassadors

Published:Wednesday | December 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Scotiabank customer Fabian Fraser (second right) converses with Rashane Garcia (second left), self-service ambassador at the Scotiabank Centre. Looking on are Donna Maxwell (left) and Joan Batson Mignott, also of Scotiabank.

Scotiabank is taking yet another step to ensure its customers are able to bank at their convenience.

In addition to providing award-winning mobile- and Internet-banking platforms, and a wide ATM distribution network, the bank has launched its Self-Service Ambassador programme.

Self-service ambassadors are on branch floors and assist customers in completing their transactions without having to wait for a teller.

"Equipped with iPads, ambassadors have access to our full-range of self-service options and can provide customers with hands-on demonstrations of how to use their banking options more effectively," said Maya Johnston, regional director of retail distribution at Scotiabank.

Scotiabank's Self-Service Banking offering includes Internet, mobile, ATM and Express DropBox services.

Most customers are already familiar with the use of ATMs for withdrawals, however, Self-Service Banking can be extended to many day-to-day banking needs, including deposits, bill payments, transfers, credit payments, cash advances and account balances and maintenance.




"We want our customers to save time and money, and a great way to do that is to help customers unleash the value of our Self-Service Banking services," said Johnston.

Through focus groups and customer feedback, Scotiabank identified that while awareness of Self-Service Banking was high, many customers remain anxious about how to get started, and others aren't confident in how to go beyond the basics. Customers' preferred method of addressing this was to have one-on- one sessions with an experienced guide.

"It's perfectly normal to feel some anxiety about trying a new way of banking. I tried a new deposit feature last week and appreciated the self-service's ambassadors' reassurance that I was doing it right. Our ambassadors have worked well in providing the guidance needed, and our customers really appreciate the opportunity to get hands-on support with their questions and concerns," Johnston added..

Customer feedback on the programme has been encouraging, based on comments received. The ambassadors are available in branches across the island and are available for individual transactional support, consultation, live demos and troubleshooting.