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Sankofa Prep School celebrates Kwanzaa

Published:Thursday | December 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM

ALBION, St Thomas:

The Sankofa Preparatory School and Learning Centre in Albion, St Thomas, hosted its 10th staging of Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa is a weeklong festival in celebration of the African Heritage of the African Americans, which begins on December 26. Each day of Kwanzaa is dedicated to a particular principle, and on each day, one of the candles on a seven-branched candelabrum is lit.

The students of Sankofa were very excited to have their families witness their various talents, whether in speech, dance or drama.

The evening's celebrations began with live music from a band which included a few student musicians.

Groups of students, ranging from kindergarten to grade six, were given a chance to perform and, in some cases, children were asked to perform a second time.

The kindergarten students gathered to spell the word 'Kwanzaa' for their parents, while the older students gave more information on the festival, danced, and participated in a well-executed skit, titled 'Anancy wants to be a National Hero.'

The short piece had the audience laughing and clapping, nodding, and smiling with approval.

One of the many parents who attended the event testified to having a good time.

"I felt extremely overwhelmed watching my son perform! I always knew that he was talented, but it still came as a surprise when I saw how many things he could do, and do well. He's definitely following in my footsteps," she laughed.

Sandra Kenton-Fraser, principal of the small institution, told Rural Xpress that the school is in its 10th year and has been celebrating Kwanzaa ever since its establishment.

"It's not necessarily focused on any particular religious group. It's just a celebration of us as black people and the gifts that we bring to the world, and how we can support and build each other. We normally have our students perform. They come up with their own creative pieces and we welcome an audience of parents."