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Guard your Cash this Christmas

Published:Friday | December 18, 2015 | 12:00 AMBarbara Ellington
George Overton

Thieves make it their vocation to find vulnerable targets whom they can separate from their valuables, so everyone should, at all times, be on high alert to avoid being a victim. The Christmas season seems to be the peak operational time for these criminals, because it is at that time of year when most people have more disposable income.

Today's victims also make things easier for these scumbags because they are either using their phones or are listening to music and in sad oblivion to the criminals who are watching them and waiting to pounce. Already, many warnings are being issued by security personnel to shoppers, persons doing banking and those picking up goods at the wharves, to be extra careful in their actions.

To lessen the number of robberies of persons making cash transactions this season and beyond, George Overton, director of operations for the Guardsman Group, is dispelling the myth that no one knows that business owners don't have cash on their premises or on your person.


"If the thieves cannot see the cash being moved by us, they are going to believe you or your employer is doing it, or has it on your premises, so why take the risk?" Overton says. He also pointed out that bearers are not usually insured, so if they are injured during a robbery, their employee has the added cost of their medical bills indefinitely.

It is advisable to use professional services such as those provided by Guardsman Armoured to move cash and valuables because the cash is insured from one point to the next, and they provide the right equipment and personnel to do the job.

"We have been doing this for more than 40 years, and we go anywhere in the island. The numbers in our fleet guarantee that at any time of day or night, there is a 99 per cent chance that we can serve you," Overton told The Gleaner.

If a courier service is used, the overall cost is cheaper than chartering a cab to and from the bank, Overton said, pointing out that Guardsman Armoured also uses technology to track the movement of the packages everywhere, and they will also offer the service in reverse order (from the banks to your business place), should you need cash to operate, at no extra cost.

Costs are structured in two ways: steady and relatively small daily turnovers, and large sums that run into millions, but it starts as low as $600 per trip for service. They also offer one-off services for events such as parties, fairs and festivals.

"We either park our truck at the venue and do periodic sweep of the cash, then a final reconciliation at the end of the day or we come as needed. Plus, the wider support of the Guardsman Group, such as armed guards, is also available to customers who utilise this service, if the need arises."

For the Christmas season, Guardsman Armoured also offers short-term contracts when sales spike significantly, but for details of costs, customers can call 928-9005/928-4947-9 or visit their website at