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Tension among PNP councillors in East Portland eases

Published:Thursday | December 17, 2015 | 1:17 PM

The tense situation, which prevailed among People's National Party (PNP) councillors during and after the internal election in East Portland is seemingly history.

The feud began after the party decided to stick with incumbent Dr Linvale Bloomfield, despite his loss by 8 votes to Andrea Moore during a selection exercise in September.

The three month long feud between the two and their supporters, threatened to derail the PNP’s dominance in East Portland.

However, at a press briefing Wednesday, the tension was virtually non-existent.

According to Bloomfield, they have decided to unite for the benefit of the constituency.


The PNP's Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield

During the lead up to the September 6 internal election, the support from the four sitting councillors was split evenly, which saw Benny White and Dexter Rowland supporting the incumbent, while Elaine Osborne and Mayor Wayne McKenzie supported the Moore.

The lone councillor caretaker Julian King of the Fairy Hill division also supported the incumbent.

The show of unity ahead of the impending parliamentary election could spell trouble for the Jamaica Labour Party whose candidate Derron Wood was banking heavily on the disunity and unrest among the two factions, which according to him, ‘presented a grand opportunity for victory in his favour’.