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DJ Nicholas looks to the international scene

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
DJ Nicholas
The Ecclestons
DJ Nicholas and his children after church.

Jamaica is known for its rich array of musical sounds and styles. Many have been blessed with the talent needed to share in the island's culture of music.

One such person is Nicholas Vacianna Eccleston, popularly known as DJ Nicholas, a reggae-gospel artiste.

There is no one gospel party that is held without the deejay on duty spinning a few of Nicholas' songs. That's how well received his music is.

Of course, there are those who believe that the rhythm of some of his songs reminds them of secular music, but, as is established, 'everything has its place'.

The gospel artiste has been making strides in the industry with songs like When Mi Tek A Pree, Holy Ghost Church and Back To Di Owna, but climbed to higher heights recently after nailing his first international collaboration with American gospel singer-songwriter, music producer, pastor and actor, Deitrick Haddon.

The song, which is called On the Way, and also features Trinidadian singer Sherwin Gardner, has been getting major airplay locally and abroad.

The album Masterpiece, on which the song was produced, also rocketed to the number one position on the Gospel Billboard Charts.


DJ Nicholas revealed that he is very grateful to God for this opportunity and is happy that he was featured on the album along with Sherwin Gardener.

"As a Caribbean gospel artiste, I desired to do international collaborations and to get on the US charts. I missed some opportunities in the past, but to know God has started a good work, I believe He will complete it," he said.

The Cut it Off and Holy Ghost Gym singer told Family and Religion that not only is he excited for himself, but also for Caribbean gospel in general.

When asked about his biggest achievement musically, DJ Nicholas responded:

"My family, my wife and two kids. I know you asked about my career, but once I hear the word 'achievement', my family comes to mind."

The Ecclestons recently added a new member to their family, now making them a team of four - husband, wife and two children (son and daughter).

"Musically, it's hard to pinpoint one thing in particular, but the most recent would be this collaboration with Deitrick because it is a door to many other doors on the international scene. Also, we recently did a prayer march in Selma, Alabama. Because of that, the Councilman of Alabama has requested for me to come back and minister at a major event," he said.

DJ Nicholas also revealed to Family and Religion that he is set to release his next album in 2016, which will feature Deitrick Haddon along with other international ministers.