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Ronald Miller takes personal ministry seriously

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis, Sr

Dedication and commitment pretty much sums up the attitude of Ronald Miller, who heads the personal ministry department at the Boundbrook Seventh day Adventist church in Port Antonio , where he undertakes the role of a spiritual leader.

Miller, who has also served as the head of other departments including head deacon and men ministry leader, is quite happy with his post, which allows him to engage members in spiritual upliftment and revival.

"Prayer and worship is an integral part of personal ministry," said Miller.

"As leader, it is my duty to plan and organise street meetings, week of prayer, fasting, and prayer meetings. Prayer is a direct connection or communication with God, the Father, and Jesus Christ, the Son. Fasting is also one way of seeking spiritual strength and to be engaged in time of solace and peace with God, "he added.

Miller's position also allows him to provide members of the church with a weekly update on planned activities and the impact of those programmes, which are already undertaken, during Sabbath day service.

One of the high points of personal ministry, according to Miller, is the importance of conducting visitations with community residents and other church members.

Continuing Miller said, "Visits are made to the homes of members, who are sometimes bed ridden, physically challenged, or even those that have back slided. We encourage everyone to embrace the Adventist church and its teaching, as our doors are always open to those seeking after the truth, those in need of prayer, persons wanting to indulge in holy matrimony, funerals, for advice, counselling, and a meal. We are all God's children and love conquers all."