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Tech Times: Tech Term of the Week - Data Encryption

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 10:21 PM

This is the process by which information is converted into incomprehensible text, called ciphertext, which is a series of alphanumeric or simply realigned alphabetical text that

represents the whole information. This cannot be deciphered by any unauthorized persons or without the use of specific software to decrypt the information that had undergone conversion.

The main function of data encryption is to protect or authenticate digital data as it is being transferred from one area to another in an IT system via a network or device.

SSE universal encryption for Android:

Secret Space Encryptor (SSE) created by Paranoia Works is a multifunctional encryption tool; password manager, file encryption, and text encryption utility app for Android phones. The newest version of SSE that is version 1.7.0, is compatible with some PC encryption software. It allows Android users to place files and text in encrypted languages for private data storage and transfer. The additional feature is the password vault in which users are given the option to store and manage all pins, passcodes, and passwords protected by a master password. This is particularly beneficial to Android users that use different passwords to manage all data, emails and mobile applications. It is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and was recently updated (October) for functionality on mobile phones running latest Android OS.

Symantec Mobile Encryption for Apple (iPhone)

The Symantec Mobile Encryption application is specific to Apple users or individuals with devices running Apple iOS. It also requires a managed account on a Symantec Management Server so as to communicate with other Apple devices. The app is mainly to send encrypted text messages to other iOS users. Version 2.0.5 was updated on November 24 to improve the compatibility with devices running Apple iOS 9.1. The application was designed by Symantec as a medium for sending, replying, creating and forwarding encrypted messages with or without attachments by a user. It uses less than 5MB of a device's internal memory.

Boxcryptor for Windows

The encryption process is fairly easy via Boxcryptor although it is mainly supporting image files being uploaded to Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive or Google Drive's cloud storage systems. The owners of the unlimited version of Boxcryptor are able to encrypt any file type. This type of file protection is to ensure privacy in data transfer and prevent any type of identity theft. Users can easily access the encrypted data, run through the decryption process via Boxcryptor, and download the files directly on to the mobile phone. The approximate size is 6.3 MB.