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Will you marry me and God?

Published:Saturday | December 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The happy couple on their wedding day.
CONTRIBUTEDJosette and Renard Blake on their wedding day.

Love is a beautiful thing, but what makes it magical is God's approval and such is the bond Josette Ricketts and Renard Blake have.

The couple told Family and Religion that they met at a Salvation Army Christmas Treat put on by Food For The Poor (where Renard worked at the time) in collaboration with St George's College (of which Josette was a sixth-form student) six years ago.

Now happily married, Blake and his wife agree that the journey was not easy.

"As with other relationships, it had its bumps and rough edges, but we made it through the hands of God. It took us time to build a bond," he said.

But Ricketts-Blake wanted to go in more details.

"Renard is the type of man that will not make a decision unless he is confident that he has God's approval on everything. Not even the date of the wedding was decided until he felt that God approved of the day.

Every couple has a period of testing and trials to go through. It's the test to find out whether you really would support each other if you were married," she said.

Ricketts-Blake revealed that her husband proposed to her on Christmas Eve of last year, but admits that "it didn't just come like that".


According to her: "There was a lot of fasting and praying. Renard decided that whatever God wanted for His life that is what he wants and it came to the point when he said he wants a break from the relationship because if God doesn't approve, then maybe He has someone better for me. If we were meant to be, then God will confirm it."

The 23-year-old woman explained that, at first, the flesh in her stood up as she began arguing, reminding him of all they have been through, thus she was unable to understand what he was now telling her.

"Every woman would feel the same way wondering how comes after you've invested so much time in the relationship, how is it that you aren't 'the one'?

But I had to come off my high horse and go down in prayer. I remember Renard went through a period of focusing solely on God. We prayed, fasted and after this period, we told God that we needed an answer: 'Is she the one? Is he the one?'," she said.

Following the period of fasting and prayer, the couple revealed that they decided that the Holy Spirit wanted them to go out to dinner and led them to a place they've never been not knowing that God had bigger plans for them.

The young wife told Family and Religion that while they were there, her husband began professing his love for her but she didn't make much of it because he was always 'the romantic type'.

"Then I saw him awkwardly go down on one knee, but 'me still never pick up the rake'. Then I heard him ask me: 'Will you marry me and God?' I took a breath and said, 'Yes.' It was overwhelming because I was unsure where I stood in the relationship following our prayer, she said, adding that he didn't propose with a ring, but she said yes because the ring signified nothing knowing that this is what God planned for her.

According to the 24-year-old husband, "It was the Holy Ghost leading him as even up 'til him being on his knees, he still didn't know it was a proposal."

The two got married earlier this year and admits that they are very happy together.

When asked about their favourite thing about each other, they giddily scrambled for a response:

Wife: "His attitude to life and outlook on things. You may be feeling negative and he uses the word of God to comfort you."

Husband: "Her heart of compassion."