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Jamaica’s Christmas gift to Dominica - JDF/NWA team working wonders in storm ravaged country

Published:Sunday | December 20, 2015 | 12:00 AM
One of the many pictures published by Dominica News Online of Members of the JDF at work in flood ravaged Dominica.
One of the many pictures published by Dominica News Online of Members of the JDF at work in flood ravaged Dominica.

Jamaica is receiving high marks in Dominica for the work being done by members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) in the reconstruction following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika in August.

Dominica is now in the third stage of dealing with reconstruction of the damage caused to public and private infrastructure and property and the first responders from most of CARICOM and the rest of the world have done their jobs and have left.

However a contingent of 20 soldiers from the JDF's Engineering Regiment remains in the island working assiduously in the Roseau Valley erecting the largest Bailey bridge so far constructed, covering a span of some 90 feet.

The men are under the command of Lieutenant Orane James while the engineering work is supervised by a senior civil engineer, Roland Desdunes, from the National Work Agency of Jamaica.

"Given the importance of the attractions in the Roseau Valley to Dominica's tourism industry the work of the members of the JDF is very timely as it will allow the cruise ship visitors and others to easily access the Trafalgar Falls and the hot springs at Wotten Waven through the link road joining the two communities which had been cut by the destruction of the bridge during the storm," said Dominica News Online (DNO).

"Immediately after completing the Trafalgar/Wotten Waven bridge, the team is expected to commence work on a similar bridge with a span of some 110 feet at Geneva in Grand Bay. Not only did Jamaica provide the manpower and the expertise for erecting the bridges, but the bridges themselves were donated by, and shipped from, Jamaica," added the publication.

Officials of the Dominica's Ministry of Public works and Ports estimate the value of each bridge and associated labour to be in the region of EC$3.5 million dollars, a very valuable Christmas present from Jamaica to the people of Dominica.

"DNO wishes the men of the JDF and the entire group from Jamaica a merry Christmas as they return home in time to celebrate the season with their families," reported the publication.