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Police negligence contributing to jail breaks - High Command

Published:Wednesday | December 23, 2015 | 9:58 AM

The Police High Command has conceded that negligence by some cops is among the reasons for the series of jail breaks in recent months. 

According to Glenmore Hinds, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime, the poor conditions of some lock-ups also make it easier for inmates to break out.

However, he says prisoners should not simply escape without cops being aware. 

According to DCP Hinds, there is every reason to believe there are breakdowns in various policies and procedures including the police lock-up administration policy. 


Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime, DCP, Glenmore Hinds

Speaking on Nationwide Radio yesterday DCP Hinds said a report on some of the recent jail breaks has been submitted to the Commissioner of Police, Dr Carl Williams. 

DCP Hinds refused to say whether corruption was involved in some of the escapes. 

But he said collusion was involved in one instance in which a prisoner reportedly used a hacksaw to escape. 

In recent months dangerous criminals have escaped from police custody in St James, St Catherine and Westmoreland. 

The Opposition has demanded that the authorities explain the cause of the break outs.