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Red Stripe advocates road safety with new mobile app

Published:Wednesday | December 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Road-safety officials have lauded local beer company Red Stripe for its latest ground-breaking move to promote responsible drinking.

Vice-chairman of the National Road Safety Council Dr Lucien Jones has endorsed Red Stripe's new I Pledge to Drink Right mobile app, which was launched along with a brand new media campaign.

"I want to congratulate corporate entities like this one that are spreading the message that you don't have to drink and drive," said Jones. The I Pledge to Drink Right campaign urges consumers to drink at the right age, the right amount, the right way. The app is a party buddy for users which monitors drinking levels, gives tips for responsible drinking, and provides phone numbers for local taxi services.

"We aren't trying to stop partygoers from having fun, we're

trying to get them to do it safely," said Dianne Ashton-Smith, head of corporate relations at Red Stripe. This will be Red Stripe's third campaign centred around its responsible-drinking initiative. This year's campaign is focused on getting individuals to take the pledge to Drink Right. Red Stripe is confident that the campaign will increase awareness among Jamaicans and begin a "cool social movement".

The newest I Pledge to Drink Right ambassadors include Talia Soares and Ashley Miller from Intense, ZJ Rush, Iba Mahr, Jordan McClure of Chimney Records, and race car driver Natasha Chang. The new campaign, featuring TV, radio and print ads, was rolled out recently, ahead of the busy festive season. Red Stripe has also partnered with fuel company Rubis to promote the campaign at its service stations across the country.