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Bethel Pentecostal Church highlights the work of our Saviour

Published:Saturday | December 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM

SPANISH TOWN, St Catherine:

The message that a Saviour was born to save souls has special significance to members of the Bethel Pentecostal Church situated at 29 St Johns Road Spanish Town.

"Jesus Christ, Saviour of mankind, was born and this is important for everyone to know. What we did was incorporate the Sunday School programme into our Christmas programme, and ensure that the birth of our Saviour is highlighted," Janet Muirhead Stewart, coordinator for the Christmas programme, told Family and Religion on Sunday.

"This also signals the culmination of Sunday school for this year, so most of the presentations were geared to highlighting the central theme that our Saviour was born," said Stewart.

According to Stewart, this programme is a annual event at the church where they zero in on the reasons they are Christians.

"One of the main reasons is that Jesus Christ died for all of us, and if he died, it meant that he must have been born, so we looked at the whole thing of His birth that creates saving grace," she stated.


In contextualising how the featured play speaks to the saving of souls, which many considered to be the church's primary function, the Church Christmas programme coordinator revealed that the format for this year programme was modified to make it more hands on to both young and old.

"In former years, we would act out the Nativity scene, but in this age of technological advancement, we resort more to the gadgets that our young people use nowadays, to make the message of the Saviour's birth more relevant to them," she explained, referencing a scene where cell phones were used.

"In fact, everyone will understand using modern technology to communicate much better than acting out a scene that depicts a manger," she said.

Stewart said the idea whether it was at this time of the year Jesus was born or not is irrelevant to the central issue that He is the saviour of the world and He was born.


"I will not seek to debate whether or not Christ was born at this time of the year, the Bible states without doubt that He died, if He died He must have been born," she said.

Stewart said we could look at the time of year it was and what region of the world the Bible says he was born in and trace in chronological order from the time of Herald to determine the facts, but this is not the issue.

"The celebration for us here at Bethel, is not the time of year Jesus was born, it is that it happened and we have that Saviour, who is always ready to intervene in our lives," Stewart noted.

"I am glad that someone came, manifested himself in flesh, so that you and I can be saved and have eternal life," she went on to say, pointing to the fact that at this time of the year, more children participate in church activities because schools are on a break.

"So we are able to cater to more people for us to spread the news of the Saviour's birth," Stewart told Family and Religion.

Pastor of the church, Alaric Blake, said from year to year, he gives his blessing to the programme. He praised the effort of Stewart, and others, describing Stewart as an excellent coordinator.

"She is a graduate of the Edna Manley School, so she bought all her experience to bear on the productions." Pastor Blake observed, noting that the programme was a blessing.