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'When the twain meets'

Published:Tuesday | December 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Glen and Terry Young perform for an audience.

It's the holiday season, and what better time to share stories of love, family and togetherness?

Family and Religion caught up with the gospel duo, La Twain.

The gospel duo's synergy amazes onlookers, but their secret is obvious, they are husband and wife.

Glen and Terry Young have been married for 13 years and have been singing together for just as long.

Retracing their steps to the days of their initial meeting, Terry says both of them were singing secular songs before they met each other, but they did not meet through music.

"While dating, I was aware that Glen was a deejay, but he didn't know that I could sing. My group was just coming out, but his music was already getting much airplay and great rotation both locally and abroad. One of his songs was even in the number two position in Italy.

When I told him that I can sing, his reply was: 'Because yu man can sing that's why you say that', but then when I sang for him, he was blown away," Terry laughed.


Glen affirmed that his wife was the business person or the 'talker' of the group, and as such, he allowed her to finish their story.

"We then began going to karaoke together and singing all over the place, and that's when the duo was formed. The name La Twain came about while we were seeking God for a something to call ourselves that would represent the two of us and what we are about, so one day, we were reading Mark 10 vs 8 where it says the twain shall be one flesh. We decided to go with La Twain, which means the two becomes one, and from that day onward, we have been living up to that name. We're together most of the times. People even started to call us Heckle and Jeckle," Terry revealed.

Heckle and Jeckle are cartoon characters who are identical twins. One is never seen without the other.

The dynamic duo revealed that, like other performance groups, ministering together hasn't always been easy.

"We're two different individuals with two different points of view, but what makes it somewhat easier for us is the fact that we are married. This means we know a lot about each other, how to compromise, how to talk things over, and how to move on. The same attributes that we use in our daily life, we use to help us to grow together in our ministry and mek di ting work," said Terry.


The La Twain member told Family and Religion that it feels really good to be singing with the man of her life.

According to her: "It's always been a pleasure sharing the same stage and singing with my husband for the mere fact that I am doing what I love with the man I love. It's always an awesome feeling so to God be the glory."

The couple who now parent two sons says that their Christmas song called It's Christmas is one of their favourites.

"We enjoyed voicing it and singing it. It speaks about the joy and happiness that Christmas brings, families getting together even when they don't all year round, it's always priority to get together just to talk, laugh and celebrate the birth of Christ.

Most of our songs are written by both of us. I do most of the hook lines, we write our individual verses depending on the songs. Though Glen is stronger with some topics, I am very good at the arrangements of the songs," Terry said.

The couple will be celebrating their 14th anniversary December 28.