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'Gasgunya' strikes in Manchester

Published:Monday | December 28, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

In light of the recent issues being faced by car owners who unknowingly purchased faulty gas in sections of the island, The Gleaner visited garages in and around Mandeville to find out the extent of the problem.

After visiting a total of five mechanic/auto repair shops last Wednesday, two of the owners admitted to having 10 motor vehicle owners visiting the garage for the last two days with faulty gas pumps and damaged injectors as a result of the bad gas purchased. the others mentioned that they had received calls and are aware of the situation.

At the Sports Garage, mechanic Carl Watson was working on a Mitsubishi GDI, which the owner complained was losing power.


Buy gas treatment


"The persons said they bought gas in Clarendon, and from they bought the gas they have been having electrical problems Ö what we have to do now is buy gas treatment and replace the pump. and with everything else that we need to do it, everything would run the customer about $35,000. The last car we had with this problem came in this morning and the owner told us that since buying gas in Mandeville last night (last Tuesday), the car has been having problems," Watson told The Gleaner.

With a few temporary fixes to the damaged vehicles, owner and operator of Richards Auto Repair, Ronald Richards says the sources of the problem must be found for a permanent fix.

"We have had eight vehicles so far and all with the same problem of shutting off, backfiring and blocked injectors, and we know it is the gas ... some customers are more fortunate than others, wherein we have managed to clean the injectors and have them work again, while others have to change their injectors. There is no permanent fix to the car when the bad gas is present, the onus is left up to the gas stations to ensure their gas is of standard quality, and the drivers to ensure that they visit gas stations that do not have faulty gas," Richards said.