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Look out for St Mary pickpockets! - Police

Published:Monday | December 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Superintendent of Police Stephanie Lindsay.


Police in St Mary have warned local residents to be on the lookout for a pair of female pickpockets operating in the towns of Port Maria and Highgate.

According to the parish's police chief, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, reports concerning the devious duo were made last Christmas, and officers have received fresh complaints in recent weeks.

She told The Gleaner: "We want the citizens of St Mary to be on the lookout for women who approach and talk to you, sometimes using children as a decoy. While one of the women will engage you in conversation with a sad story, the other is going through your pockets or stealing your phone.

"One of the females has a clear complexion and is around five feet six inches tall, and the other is darker and around five feet five inches. They tend to operate in Port Maria and Highgate, and go to busy areas like supermarkets and banks, where people are slightly distracted."

Lindsay also shared some security tips designed to keep residents safe during the festive season. "We're urging people who receive barrels from overseas to remove the information on the barrels before using them as garbage containers," she explained.

"Criminals will write off all the information about you and the sender, and at some point, maybe after the festive season, come back and pretend to be legitimate people connected to either the barrel or the sender, and try to con you because they have a lot of authentic information."