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Motorists in St Ann also affected by bad gas

Published:Monday | December 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The bad gas situation has not escaped motorists in St Ann.

In fact, one mechanic says he has been warning motorists about the possibility of deficient gasolene in their tanks for weeks now, long before it became a national issue.

Glenroy Kelly, otherwise called 'Brownie', of Harbour Street, St Ann's Bay, says he has fixed several cars affected by the contaminated gas.

"Even from before everybody started to talk 'bout it, mi a tell di taxi driver dem that, no man, something wrong wid di gas because we never really have this problem before. A nuh now mi a tell dem, the gas wha unnu a get, supp'm nuh right."

Kelly said that based on his experience, it appears that contaminated gas is the cause of the problems motorists are having.

For example, he pointed out, he cleaned an injector last Wednesday, removing black sediments from it, the cause of which he cannot explain.

"So, I wonder if them mix the gas with something, or what?"

Kelly noted that for most vehicles, the affected parts include injectors and pumps.

He also stated that most persons affected by the problem pointed to three service stations (of the six) in the general St Ann's Bay area from where they purchased gas.

Meanwhile, the proprietor of Excess Auto in St Ann's Bay, popularly known as 'Whitey', said over the last two to three weeks, his business has seen an increase in the sale of gas filters, pumps and plugs because of the bad gas situation.

"People have to be changing their gas filters, pumps and plugs, and all those things," he explained.

He said the in-tank filter and plug are the items mostly bought by motorists.