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Footprints: Juliet Watt - A light that shone brightly

Published:Tuesday | December 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Juliet Watt

Juliet Marjorie Watt was a woman of God who enjoyed giving him praise. She was a compassionate human being, a jovial person.

On December 3, Juliet passed at Victoria Jubilee Hospital where she was admitted for an illness. She left behind family and friends eager to document her life.

Juliet was brought into the world by her parents, Joyce Campbell and Nathaniel Watt, October 18, 1967.

She grew up on St Johns Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine, where she spent all her life. She created childhood memories with her siblings, which included playing games, cooking and enjoying each other's company.

Watt had six siblings - Trisha, Opal, Patrice, Rush, Christopher and Romie. She is remembered as someone who was fun.

While growing up on St Johns Road, she was a happy, caring and respectful child. Her parents nurtured and taught her, and her siblings, values which she later passed on to her six children - Shermaine Edwards, her eldest; Jason Wedderburn, her second child, and first son. She afterwards gave birth to Yanique Miller, Claudine Miller, Tavia Miller and Claude Miller, respectively.

Juliet worked as a caretaker for elderly persons.

She worked hard to support her children. Being unmarried, she did whatever she could to ensure her children were properly fed and taken care of. Juliet was always helpful and willing. She extended this quality to various people.

"My mother enjoyed caring for other people's children. She was always a kind lady," her son, Jason Wedderburn, said.

Juliet also enjoyed cooking.

"She would cook lots of food so it could share for everyone. She loved cooking a big pot," Wedderburn recounted.

Juliet, 48, was a Christian for many years, attending Hampton Green Missionary Church of God. She lived a God-fearing life and never stopped worshipping her Lord. A thanksgiving service to celebrate Juliet's life will be held at her church on January 2.

Juliet predeceased her parents and children. She also left behind friends, other relatives and grandchildren to mourn her passing.

Her family remembered her as a light that shone brightly on all of them and, for that and much more, they will always remember her.

- Rasheda Myles