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Footprints: Lascelles Myrie - Inspired lives with unconditional love

Published:Tuesday | December 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Lascelles Myrie

It is not the size of a funeral that signals one's impact on lives of others, but it is the genuine expressions of love from those closest to the deceased who shout, "yes, he was a great person".

As the Myrie family laid Lascelles Alphonso Myrie to rest recently, there was no doubt this 'love child', as he was called, having been born on Valentine's day, inspired lives with his kind spirit and unconditional love.

He lived a full life, leaving this earth at the age of 80 (February 14, 1935 - December 6, 2015) with a rich legacy.

Schooled at St Michael's Elementary, Myrie was provided with more than the basics. He followed his father, learning carpentry, plumbing, and painting, among other skills, and, for years, drove the forklift at the Foreshore Road Wharf.

Myrie, who shared jobs with his father, Alexander Myrie, had him join him at the wharf.

His brother, Curtis Myrie, referred to him as a man who, "Loved us all. He had no time for folly but, first, his arms would be open wide, and when he loved, he loved us all equally, engagingly, unconditionally, even if fighting with us fiercely at times. We are here today, most importantly, to also give thanks for the life of a man who stepped out colourfully into the world, and returned to the arms of the Lord."

"Spic and span Lascelles, a Dapper man who loved, and excellent cook that he was, served the best snapper," Curtis said of his brother.

"You would lick your fingers, too, when he prepared Hines and butter fish, and you couldn't have enough of his okra punch and other stamina-supporting juices. Him run di road hot, man, and younger brother Kirk and myself tried to keep up, even if we pretended that we had our own fashion and style. Pure pretence. We knew, all along, he was unmatched."

Myrie was key on family and held together his family unit with his wife of 34 years, Daphne Myrie, a union of love for 48 years. He held his home together, a home that returned him to the Lord.

Myrie, who attended Zion Emanuel New Testament Church of God with his family, opened his homes as prayer centres.

"It was about everything communal. They shared each other's life. The praying, the chanting, singing and dancing, the embracing by those ready to be forgiving, the spiritual healing, served always with love, is transforming."

Myrie leaves behind wife Daphne, brothers Kirk and Curtis; sisters Carmen, Colleen and Sophia; children Jacqueline, Winsome, Richard, Micelle and Leslie; more than 10 grandchildren, more than 20 great grandchildren; scores of other relatives and more than a full house of endearing friends.

- Tamara Bailey