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Gas prices to go up by $0.32 Thursday

Published:Wednesday | December 30, 2015 | 4:09 PM

The prices for all petroleum products are to go up on Thursday.

Gas prices are to go up by $0.32 litre with E10 87 Octane being sold for $91.29 while E10 90 will sell for $92.95.

The price of regular automotive diesel oil will move up by $0.17 to sell for $83.85 per litre.

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel will see an increase of $0.74 per litre, selling for $91.70.

Meanwhile, Kerosene will sell for $79.89 after going up by $0.19. 

Propane will go up by $0.95 per litre to sell for $30.94, while butane goes up $0.86 and will sell for $37.74 per litre.

Marketing companies and retailers will add their respective mark-ups to the announced prices.