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Kerry-Ann Davis - realising dreams

Published:Wednesday | December 30, 2015 | 11:05 AM

Kerry-Ann Davis has always been an honour-roll student from her initial school days, throughout high school and until the end of her university tenure.

Growing up in the rural community of White Horses in St Thomas, the young woman has always been respected for her ability in academia, and is also being congratulated and encouraged by her community members.

Davis told Rural Xpress that she has always aspired to be a doctor, but upon realising that things were a bit hard on her mother financially, she began focusing on achieving her second dream, which was to become a pharmacist.

"I knew from then (third form) that I had to do really well in the sciences. I never liked biology a lot but I paid a lot of attention to chemistry and was getting averages like 98 per cent in that subject for examinations. I did not really have to give up anything because I was one of those persons who had a very active social life but always managed to do well academically," she said.

The now 23-year-old woman said that failure was never an option as she dreamt about being behind that counter in a pharmacy advising clients on their prescribed drugs.

"I even went as far as to talk to a pharmacist in Morant Bay about the job because to many, it seems as if pharmacists do nothing, but there is much more being done than that which meets the eye when we walk into a pharmacy," she said.

Davis' mind was set. She was going to become a pharmacist.

But then: "I applied to UTech (University of Technology) and got a letter saying they were unable to accept me because of space constraints and I should consider applying the other year. I was crushed because I had passed their interview and I had the grades.

"I remember a week before I got that letter, my mentor, Rondell Allen, said to me: 'I see that you are excited about this pharmacy thing but what if God wants you to go to UWI to do chemistry'?"


Davis explained that her application to the University of the West Indies was accepted for her to study chemistry a few months before UTech responded but she had not confirmed as she was already sure where she was going and what she wanted to do.

She told Rural Xpress that though she had already made up her mind, something told her that God wanted her to teach to make a difference in the lives of students.

According to her: "I thought it was my mind telling me that so I continued to ignore His voice. I had some of the best teachers at Morant Bay High School, especially my chemistry teacher, Lloyd Watson, but I didn't think that was the profession for me.

"After leaving UWI the voice of God was getting stronger so I started to apply to schools. I didn't get through at that time but instead was working in insurance. The salary was good but somehow it wasn't fulfilling so I began applying for teaching jobs again in January 2015," she said, adding that she then got accepted to teach at Hampton School for girls in St Elizabeth.

Davis is now a chemistry teacher at the CAPE and CSEC levels and is very fond of her job.

"I definitely think this is my calling. I enjoy my job very much. I feel fulfilled. Waking up in the mornings to go to work is no problem to me. Even if I am having a bad day, my students will recognise that and cheer me up," she said.