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PHOTOS: Happy New Year from around the world

Published:Thursday | December 31, 2015 | 3:16 PM
BRITAIN: Lucy Cooke, Katie Cooke, Amy Middlemiss and Clarissa Newham use torches to display the year 2016 as they get ready to celebrate.
IRAQ: Celebrants welcome the New Year during the New Year's Eve celebration in a park in Basra.
AUSTRALIA: Fireworks explode over the Opera House and Harbour Bridge
INDIA: People throng a main thoroughfare as they celebrate during a count down to the year 2016, at Lucknow, India.
WASHINGTON: Colorful bursts of fireworks, a symbol of New Year's eve, in Seattle, Washington.
DUBAI: Smoke and flames pouring from a residential building, right, which also contains the Address Downtown Hotel, near the Burj Khalifa, centre, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
INDONESIA: Fireworks explode as thousands of people gather to watch, in the main business district on New Year's Eve in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Some parts of the world have already ushered in 2016 and for others, plans are in high gear for the celebration that will come with a new year.

Here are some of the sights and scenes captured by the Associated Press.