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The Burrells - living in love at all times

Published:Saturday | January 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
Shanique Samuels Photo Dorothy and William Burrell.

After 32 years of marriage, William and Dorothy Burrell are still very much in love with each other. The couple, who were born and raised in rural Clarendon, both settled in a small district in the parish called Peter King. Mass Fitzy and Miss Tiny, as they are affectionately called, have made it their purpose in life to love and care for each other, and have stayed true to the vows they made to each other on their wedding day more than three decades ago.

"Anno yah so me and her ah come from and while she wasn't my first, there has been no other woman after her since we've been together. Me nuh say teeth and tongue nuh meet, but nobody never come to our gate to quell an argument between us," said William.

He added that none of the five children they raised together have ever had to intervene in an argument. "We nuh fight and nuh quarrel too much. She does what she supposed to do and I play my part," he told Family and Religion.

William is 83 years old and he and his 68-year-old wife both agreed that in a relationship, each partner must agree to compromise on some things at least some of the times. Dorothy also pointed out that while both persons have their individual ways, understanding each other is an integral part of maintaining longevity and keeping the marriage together.

Said William: "If we have food or not, nobody knows because we nuh carry our business outside the yard. Nobody must say we live bad, and so we have lived an exemplary life for our children so they will not quarrel and fight. If they cannot see eye to eye, it's best they part ways. And I always tell her if me and her have an argument she not to mash up anything in the house because she and the house nuh have nutten, because me nah buy back none."

He advised that there must always be peace at home. "Anywhere in the world you go, you must always be happy to go home. If you and somebody have argument ah road, you can't go home to a miserable house. You must can find peace and quiet in your yard. Me can't go to me bed under vexation. Me tell her the truth and she tell me the truth and that's it; argument done. Me nah go lie down wid me heart full because me nuh must wake up, so we don't keep malice."

Adding that she has noticed that many relationships don't make it far these days, Dorothy cautioned couples to make sure they understand each other before making commitments. "Don't keep secrets and whatever problems you have at home, do not tell friends or strangers because you never know who will be plotting against you or waiting to see your downfall. As adults, you must know wrong from right."