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Cancer patient appeals for help

Published:Saturday | January 2, 2016 | 12:00 AMShanique Samuels
Fifty-eight-year-old Charles Willis.

Charles Willis is 58 years old. He used to be a fisherman from Old Harbour Bay St. Catherine. He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer a few weeks ago, but it seemed he has had the disease for more than three years. He said one day he suddenly fell ill and it was only after going to the hospital, he realised he had lung cancer.

Willis was admitted in the hospital for several weeks where he was treated. However, he has been discharged just over two weeks ago, but is unable to go home because he has to be on the oxygen machine. He needs two bottles to take home with him as he is unable to breathe on his own.

"Every day they come and ask me when me a go home and I can't tell them because I don't know," he said, seemingly frustrated.

"The doctors say I cannot go home without the oxygen. If I get the chance to go home, I think I can beat the sickness because I will be around family and my friends will be able to come visit me. I know they will look after me and I will get better. I trust in the Lord and I know God will heal me because I believe in Him, so I am just pleading for the assistance to get the bottles so I can go home and focus on getting better. The Bible says God help those who help themselves so me a try help myself" he said.

The two bottles of oxygen he desperately needs will cost approximately $47,000 but the family is unable to find the money as both his parents died of cancer recently, within a year of each other.

Anyone willing to assist Charles Willis can contact him at 876-367-3754.