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New Year Prophecies - The prophetic word of the Lord for 2016 onward (Part Two)

Published:Thursday | December 31, 2015 | 12:00 AM
United States (US) President Barack Obama (second left) poses with (from left) former presidents George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter in this 2009 file photo. The prophecies state that God is calling both past and present US presidents and others to come together in repentance and prayer for their nation.
In this June 16, 2014 photo, demonstrators chant pro-Islamic State slogans as they carry the group's flags in front of the provincial government headquarters in Mosul, 225 miles northwest of Baghdad. The prophecies have indicated that supporters of ISIS will be exposed.
The prophets say the Lord wants Queen Latifah to surrender to Him.

Today, we carry part two of the New Year prophecies for 2016 as provided through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophet O. Onesto Jolly, and Prophet David Benoit. Part one appeared in The Gleaner on New Year's Day.

31 There will be changes in the banking system. Dwindling cash flow will be the cause. Most of the finances will end up in the confines of those in charge. Be wise in investing money. Deception looms and will be widespread. Because of the lifestyle of those in charge, famine, hunger, fewer homes, shortfall in education, increase in violence and debts, gambling are on the increase. Those in charge are not even aware of how destructive this is to the generations to come. Many homes are robbed of proper maintenance and are left destitute. It also diminishes the lifestyle of the family.

32 A dictator is planning to emerge to rule the world but will not succeed for the time is not yet! This will cause infiltration in many countries, and before they know it, wars will break out, and this war will be caused by insiders. Money will be given to instigate this evil.

33 In the 10th month of the year 2016, I will visit you in your secret chambers, and if you don't repent of your evil deeds - of which you know, the things that you are doing about which God is displeased - I will remove your candlestick because of your stubbornness. You have caused many to stumble! The stench of your sinfulness has come up before me! (Genesis 6: 3&5) God is faithful and just to forgive sins.

34 God says He is going to deal with the Middle East and all the nations fighting against Israel. It is hindering His work from moving on and He is going to deal with them. He is angry with the East.

35 Pray for the border of Israel and for the prime minister of Israel.

36 There are souls to be saved and countries that Christians have yet to enter to witness to them and a line is drawn.

37 America is infiltrated by the enemy. The enemy is within. God is calling out the prayer warriors to cry out for America. Your prayer will determine the future of the nation. Pray for GITMO!

38 Pray against riots in the USA, attacks by the enemy, confusion, political turmoil, deception. There is a stronghold over the nation and many have become blind. Many say, "Let us go for the lesser evil," but voting for the lesser evil can turn into the greater evil. Many demonstrations will take place among workers from fast-food franchises because of low salaries.

39 Watch the Republican Party in 2016.

40 The Republican Party needs to tread carefully regarding immigration and health care as it has the potential to bring chaos and defeat.

41 God is calling back America to repent, return, and restore (Joel 1 and 2) as the enemy wants to bring further decline to the nation. (Lamentations 5)

42 There will be a great upset in the presidential election, and instead of them saying they want to bring Republicans together, it is going to cause greater division between them.

43 If in the upcoming elections the wrong party wins, it will be devastation for the USA and the world. Millions will sink into debauchery if the wrong party wins. They will allow the ungodly lifestyle to spread and be so eminent among the nations of the world that destruction of properties, businesses, the economy, education (downward trend - spiralling) will take place. There will be a great lack of integrity because even those who did not have the mind to engage in immorality will adhere to it.

44 God is calling both past and present United States presidents, congressmen, senators, and government leaders at all levels to unite and come together in repentance and prayer for the nation regarding economic and political policies that are hurting the nation. As they do so, this will avert problems ahead and restore prosperity.

45 There will be rising issues that will affect the sperm bank in southern California and Sacramento. This will cause great problems and affect health and impact many both spiritually and naturally.

46 Parents will be in mourning for the lifestyle that their children have adopted! It will hit homes hard.

47 There will be a significant decrease in law and order which will affect the entire world.

48 Serious problems ahead regarding the Internet crashing. There will be hacking of banking information, loss of sensitive information done by terrorists, and it will bring great exposure and blackmail. Systems will be coming after banks, forcing them to engage in activities that are wrong. Pray, saints! Danger ahead!

49 Something is about to unfold with the Food and Drug Administration from New York to California.

50 Sudden destruction shall come upon Hamas.

51 Human trafficking ring is about to be broken and exposed. Known persons of influence will be caught in the midst.

52 Russia is about to strike the enemy in a different dimension, and from those strikes, there is going to be great exposure and information leaking about who is really behind the enemy.

53 Pray against a major oil explosion at a plant in the USA.

54 The enemy wants to slow down the birth rate globally, particularly among the boys.

55 Many countries will require help more than ever before because of the natural disasters and wars that will take place.

56 A major disease is going to hit those practising a sexually immoral lifestyle, and many of them will die without a solution being found if they make no change to their lifestyle.

57 As cash flow continues to dwindle, there is a lot of storage of gold and silver being done. Many have turned to idol worshipping to secure their wealth.

58 A lot of church ministers have gone into silence because they fear losing their wealth. God will replace them.

59 God is calling the prophets to a higher and deeper level in the Spirit to show what is ahead, but only those who are ready, willing, and faithful shall experience His power. (Revelation 4: 1)

60 The Lord says many of His people have become passive. They've stopped fighting spiritually and are getting into the flesh, which is bringing many of them into problems. Remember to put on the WHOLE ARMOUR!

61 Many Christians have turned their backs on the Lord because of the things of the world. He is calling back all backsliders.

62 The Lord says He will expose corrupt politicians and officials globally who have been getting rich by stealing from the poor. Many are going to be surprised.

63 God shall expose all politicians who are funding ISIS groups globally.

64 Two past presidents are having serious problems now because of the things they did in the past. There is a scandal that will break out in the 'Big House' that will shock the world.

65 Pray for Montserrat and against volcanic eruptions.

66 Many more will be made redundant in 2016, which will bring an increase in crime. Pray for the USA.

67 There needs to be tighter control of security on all levels of transportation, USA and other nations, be warned! More security should also be placed at schools and post offices and all government buildings, as well as mega-churches and small churches.

68 God is calling the nation leaders of the world to bow to Him, the most High God, completely, and allow Him to lead and guide them. Only then will positive and lasting change come. (Psalm 127: 1- 2)

69 There is going to be a great probing that will take place globally that will expose many security personnel that are connected to ISIS.

70 The Lord is calling America to focus on helping those within - especially veterans - with food and shelter. The Lord says many times America focuses on helping other nations, but those within need urgent attention.

71 Polluted water, insects destroying vegetables and ground provision. More fish dying, more war on land and sea.

72 World leaders have robbed the nations and especially the less fortunate with more taxes and fewer amenities for them to live normal lives. They are treated as if they are not human. Beware, the eyes of God the Creator are watching!

73 Mass production will be the cause of some food poisoning.

74 The Eastern regions of the world will experience a visitation from the Lord God that will astonish the whole world. The wicked ones will suffer greatly and some will die in the process. Turning to God is the answer for their survival.

75 There are gases that are released into the atmosphere that are causing serious health issues and pollution. World Health Organization is responsible for the health of the nations.

76 There will be dust storms in Africa. Pray for them.

77 Your places of amusement will soon be laid waste. Avoid large gatherings in such places.

78 God's judgement of His people during times of moral decline, spiritual apathy, and worldly compromise bring about drought, barrenness, pestilence, and affliction. (II Chronicles 7: 13-14)

79 Thus saith the Lord, "You have refused to obey my words by removing the prayer and worship from the land, and the youth, which was ordained from the beginning. I am the Lord thy God - there are no other gods before me. If you continue to worship idols, then you will continue to live in darkness.

80 Mass disruption in world communication will cause world economies to decline drastically. Western countries, be prepared for subtle attacks from the enemy. Increase your intelligence. Do not reveal all the plans and tactics put in place. Destructive devices can be planted anywhere in your country and air strikes can be done.

81 Pray for liquid intake, especially water and other food items. Beware of foreign relationships. The enemy can appear to be friendly but in fact is deadly.

82 God is saying to the body of Christ.

prepare to reap a great harvest of souls. Fear not! Move in the power that I the Lord have given you. There will be signs and great wonders and a year of many mighty miracles - wealth transfer, open doors. This is the word of the Lord God almighty who is mighty in battle. Take comfort all who have waited and prayed and suffered for my name sake.

83 To every pastor across the world and in the US who has been wounded and persecuted for my name sake, for I have seen your pain and heard your prayer, gird up your loins, prepare, and eat and drink. You who have been in the back side of the desert, you who have lost much, for your time to arise has come. You shall run past chariots, you shall leap over walls. Get ready to be used even more than before. I am strengthening a remnant to carry my word and to do the great commission. Be focused and unmovable. Be strong; do as I tell you. Get ready! The vision I the Lord have given you. The resources are coming - the abundance of rain wealth and great resources. Be bold and courageous. Stand firm and do as I say, for I am the lord and there is none beside me.

84 There is a remnant of prophets God is raising up globally who will not bow down to Baal.

85 The Lord revealed two different nations crying. One cried with hate and anger against the Lord, while the other cried in lamentation and fasting for God.

86 There will be an exposure of well-known leaders, and they will be replaced by those God-fearing individuals who are willing to obey Him.

87 There will be an earthquake near the Middle East - not one that is severe, but significant. Many may take it lightly, but it will be a sign to the Middle East sent from God!

88 Pray for the Bush family.

89 There is an empire well known in Afghanistan that's about to be in ruins because the Christians that were once there no longer are.

90 The spiritual hedges of protection are down! Prayer and the Bible must be returned to the schools, or what we saw in 2015 with the shooting and tragedies will be nothing compared to what is to come.

91 I saw a new demon from the Middle East released in 2016 against the children in that area.

92 More crises will spread concerning the children globally. Pray for the children.

93 In some parts of the world, the economy will turn around, but those who thrive in the downturn will not be pleased about that!

94 Unless those in places of power there change, Dubai and its economy are going to shake and there will be great losses economically and otherwise.

95 Queen Latifah: The Lord says that she is to surrender to Him now while He may be found. Time is running out on her.

96 Heather Locklear: Pray against suicide. She needs healing and deliverance right now! She believes everyone has turned their backs against her. God loves her and needs her now.

97 The Lord has been speaking to many entertainers, singers, actors, musicians, and managers to turn their lives around and serve God. Some have walked away from serving God to pursue a career. They have chosen silver and gold, fame and money over holiness and righteousness. Many have passed away and are now in a place of no repentance. The Lord says He is calling on many persons in the entertainment industry to turn to Him now. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? The Lord says for it is appointed to you once to die and after, the judgement will come. Choose this day who you will serve, Jesus or money. In 2016, there will be many who will lose their lives to drugs, suicide, sickness, and diverse destruction. There are many musicians who grew up in Church and were trained by their parents and church leaders to be ministers of God, but they have walked away from their calling, and I am calling you now to return to me, says the Lord.

98 Pray for the salvation of Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Ishawna Smith.

99 The Lord is about to visit the Gospel and Christian music industries, for they have become sheer entertainment. Those who have compromised and have engaged in heresy will experience the hand of God, and the favour they once had will be removed. The Lord says He is calling all members of those industries to accountability. He says He is displeased with the level of compromise and the lack of true reverence and worship that are taking place, leading the many of the youth in the wrong direction. The Lord says He is about to speak, and there will be shifting and changes. Those that have been pushed to the back and ignored, who He has tested and approved, will be brought to the forefront for saving of a generation. Those who have been given the opportunity for which they asked and vowed they would spread the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ but have compromised and have broken their vows will be shifted to the back.

100 Hollywood and the film industry will no longer hold back their mandate to 'transform' and significantly affect the thinking of the youth, but God is about to expose the hidden agendas of Hollywood!

Disclaimer: God reserves the right to hold His hand back from any form of judgement pending subject to the repentance of nations and individuals. Jonah 3: 5-10; Exodus 32:14; Jeremiah 18: 7-11; Amos 7: 3-6; II Kings 20: 1-11 and I Corinthians 13:9. Please remember, God does whatever He pleases (Psalm 135: 6). He changes times and seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings (Daniel 1: 20-23). Additionally, other prophecies revealed for 2016 onward are classified. The prophecies given are for 2016 onward.