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JNMS treats 200 homeless persons to Christmas luncheon

Published:Monday | January 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Gabriel Heron, (right) marketing manager of JN Money Services serves Christmas lunch to Akeem Blake at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter in downtown Kingston. More than 200 residents received a meal courtesy of the money services company.

In the spirit of the "Season of Good Cheer," more than 200 persons at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter in downtown Kingston were treated to a luncheon, courtesy of JN Money Services (JNMS), recently, as the company sought to bring the less fortunate into the circle of Christmas cheer.

The shelter, a project of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC), in partnership with Food For The Poor, The Salvation Army, and the police force, provides meals as well as shelter for many homeless persons. Treating the needy is an annual event mounted by the remittance company, who are owners and operators of the world-renowned JN Money Transfer brand. And, it is one of the ways they care for the needy during the Christmas holiday season.

"Annually, at this time of the year, we provide lunches to homeless persons in downtown Kingston. However, this year, we decided to include more persons at a central location, and, on that basis, we chose the Marie Atkins Night Shelter to extend our Christmas cheer," said Gabriel Heron, marketing manager at JNMS. "We believe in helping persons in need and spreading love at Christmas, hence our collaboration with the team at this shelter."




Acting Inspector of the Poor for the KSAC, Mavis Farquharson, said the team appreciated the generosity of JNMS.

"We are happy that JNMS decided to undertake this initiative, and we are grateful for the contribution. We prepare approximately 150 to 200 lunches per day, and the number increases over the weekends because persons can walk in and we don't turn back anyone," she said. She further explained that many of the persons who visited the shelter lived alone, and this was a way for them to socialise.

"And we are, therefore, happy for the contribution that JNMS has made," Farquharson added.

General Manager of JNMS Leesa Kow said the money transfer company was committed to supporting Jamaicans both home and abroad, especially at this time of year.

"We are happy to have been able to host this luncheon for the residents of the Marie Atkins Night Shelter. We believe in giving back to communities and will continue to provide assistance to those in need as part of our commitment to improving the lives of Jamaicans," said Kow. "At this time of the year, we look forward to spreading the Christmas cheer as it is the season of giving, and this luncheon is one way in which we show love to those around us."

A resident at the shelter, Akeem Blake, thanked the company on behalf of the residents.

"We are happy and say thanks to JNMS for the lunches they have provided. Normally the staff would prepare lunches; however, today, they can sit back and relax because JNMS was on hand to provide us with a meal," he said.