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Footprints: Alexander Gordon - A jovial man

Published:Tuesday | January 5, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Alexander Gordon

A jovial man

Alexander Gordon was born on May 22 in 1964.

His parents Differd and Myrtle Gordon grew him in his birth parish; Manchester.

As a child, Alexander Gordon lived in Christiana with his six siblings. He had five sisters named Vivine, Janice, Carol, Glarine and Rhona. His only brother is Haden.

Alexander Gordon was a family-oriented person.

He loved them dearly and never desisted from showing his love.

It was no surprise that he started a family of his own when he got three children. His first child was a girl and he called her Bridget. He named his second, Lydia and his last Kevin.

Gordon, who was sometimes called 'Dads' by his children, taught them how to love and treat others as they would want to be treated.

As his children grew to become adults and live on their own he would visit them.

"He would visit on Sundays and whenever he got his dinner he would say 'rice again?' He was a dumpling man," Lydia recounted.

His children remembered him as a compassionate and respectful father who never failed to discipline them.

They wish to express their appreciation for all that he has done for them by acknowledging the things he taught them and how he provided for them.

"I remember his hard work," Lydia said.

"He was simply a man of all trades," she added.

Alexander Gordon was a welder, a contractor and also self employed.

He is remembered as a respectful, kind and sociable person. He respected everyone despite their age, class or gender.

"My father was friendly with everyone. Even if you just met him, he would start a conversation with you."

Gordon was a jovial man.

After living in Christiana for some time he moved to St Catherine, where he lived on Jobs Lane, Spanish Town.

His family got extended as he became a grandfather. He had 10 grandchildren - Kevin Jr, Kelycia, Kavin, Kimani, Kimora, Daniella, Danea, Davia, Shanelle and Amoya.

At age 51, Gordon, passed away on December 26.

He leaves behind joyful memories with his children, friends and relatives.

They told Footprints that they miss him dearly and are saddened by his untimely passing.

- Rasheda Myles