Sat | Feb 24, 2018

Lock-up cells to be searched every 48 hours – High Command

Published:Tuesday | January 5, 2016 | 10:18 AM

The Police High Command has ordered the mandatory search of cells at police lock-ups every 48 hours, in light of the regular jailbreaks.

The order was made in the last Force Orders issued to members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force on December 31.

Along with jailbreaks, the High Command pointed to the continuous discovery of cell phones, weapons and other contraband in the lockups.

It says all cells are to be searched thoroughly once every 48 hours in addition to the regular daily searches.

The officer in charge of administration in each police division is responsible for assembling a team independent of the lockup staff to carry out searches at the larger facilities.

The High Command says a weekly report on the searches is to be submitted to the JCF's Administration Portfolio and the Inspector General.

Last December, Glenmore Hinds, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of crime,  admitted that negligence by some cops is among the reasons for the series of jailbreaks in recent months. 

In recent months dangerous criminals have escaped from police custody in St James, St Catherine and Westmoreland. 

Some have been recaptured or turned up dead.