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Think outside box on crime - Mayor

Published:Tuesday | January 5, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis


The problem of crime, which continues to affect residents and other interests islandwide, is just one of the concerns highlighted by two sector leaders in Portland that needs to be fixed in 2016.

According to mayor of Port Antonio, Wayne McKenzie, there needs to be a more integrated and proactive approach on the part of the police in tackling crime, especially given the fact that criminal elements are now more technologically inclined.

"It cannot be the traditional way of fighting crime that will allow for the apprehension of criminal elements," said McKenzie.

"For 2016, new strategies will have to be implemented to ensure that those involved in rape, murder, praedial larceny, and other crimes are caught swiftly, especially with the help of residents," he added.

The mayor also pointed out that among the other changes he would like to see take place this year is the much anticipated start of the highway from Harbour View to Portland, which would allow for a smooth flow of traffic, especially trailers transporting hardware materials and other items. He also highlighted the need for more employment, with special emphasis and development on skills training and



questionable character

The Chairman of the Tourist Resort Board, Portland chapter, Larry Robertson, highlighted the need for more qualified and credible persons to assume leadership positions, especially in the political arena, where persons of questionable character have been appointed as lawmakers.

"There is a genuine need to have credible persons as our representatives. We want better leaders in the various sectors, including tourism, agriculture, education, national security, health, and justice, who ought to be in training to take over from those who will retire. Our present leaders will naturally grow old, and it is against that background that the powers that be must engage young and bright minds to undergo apprenticeship, wherein they will gain the knowledge and experience to take over."