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Firefighters trained and ready to respond should a major earthquake hit Jamaica - Fire Brigade

Published:Wednesday | January 6, 2016 | 1:00 PM

Assistant Commissioner of The Jamaica Fire Brigade, Sean Martin says the nation’s firefighters are prepared to respond should a major earthquake hit the island.

Earthquakes are normally accompanied by outbreaks of fire. 

Martin says the brigade has received two new fire units recently.

He says firefighters at the brigade have undergone extensive training in dealing with earthquakes. 

The Assistant Commissioner says the Jamaican firefighters who responded to the massive earthquake which rocked Haiti in 2010 have used the experience to share advanced search and rescue skills with their fellow firefighters.

The Fire Brigade has also established partnerships with several countries that experience earthquakes frequently.

Martin says these partnerships have exposed firefighters to the best earthquake response training in the world.

The Assistant Commissioner of the Jamaica Fire Brigade was speaking at the launch of Earthquake Awareness Month yesterday.