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Plowden resident celebrates 100 years

Published:Thursday | January 7, 2016 | 12:00 AMRichard Bryan
PHOTO BY RICHARD BRYAN Plowden resident Eunice Roman celebrated her 100th birthday in December.

PLOWDEN, Manchester:

New year's eve found the district of Plowden in south Manchester in a joyous mood as specially invited guests, close friends and relatives celebrated the 100th birthday of Eunice Roman.

Plowden is a lush, friendly, farming, but mostly quiet community perched downhill on the way to the seacoast town of Alligator Pond.

However, celebration of this kind is not unique for the Roman family or this district. Three of the original family of six had reached this milestone previously. Her father, Robert died in 1976 at the age of 106 years old. An elderly sister Inez, who was a centurion, died in 2009, while another sister Anika passed away in August 2004 when she was 100 years old.

Roman who has no children of her own, and is unmarried, was in Church on December 15 to celebrate her special day. However, the significant celebration was postponed to allow her overseas relatives including Terry Powell to attend. The event was hosted at the Selbert Dixon, her nephew and son of Anika, who resides in England. Notably present at the birthday party were caregiver Audrey Reid, Ewart Reid, Torrace Reid and Sharon Murray. The family also brought out 93-year-old Noel Plummer, second eldest resident of Plowden.

Meanwhile, at the simple service of food and tributes, Roman smiled a lot, spoke little, but her voice was remarkably strong. She was conscious of being 100, but said "Tank God seh mi reach 100 and I am all right."

Her hearing is deteriorating, but she keeps fairly good health. The last time she paid a visit to the doctor was in November. Her only medication are pressure tablets, cholesterol and water tablets.

Her caregiver Audrey said Roman is "not very hard to take care of."

Her regular routine is to wake up by 6 a.m. She then take a walk to the gate and back. She then makes her bed, does a little dusting of her room and then gets ready for breakfast.

"She is able to bathe herself. I even hear shi (her) saying when she is in a good mood (that) 'if I had water I would shake out (wash) two (several) clothes," Audrey told Rural Xpress.