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Lawyer freed of murder, to face manslaughter trial

Published:Friday | January 8, 2016 | 6:54 PM

Attorney-at-law Phoebe Lawrence has been freed of the 2009 murder of Errol Buchanan on Carnation Way in Mona, St Andrew.

However, he is to return to court on February 19 for a trial date to be set for manslaughter in relation to the same case.

When the 12-member jury was being sent to deliberate this afternoon, the judge had also asked them to consider whether Lawrence could be convicted for manslaughter.

The jurors returned acquitting Lawrence of the murder charge, but said they were undecided as to whether he should be convicted for manslaughter.

Lawrence was arrested and charged in 2009 after an incident on May 29.

Carnation Way residents had reported hearing explosions and alerted the police who found Buchanan’s body with gunshot wounds lying on the roadway.

Police investigations led to the lawyer’s arrest and the seizure of his licensed firearm for ballistic testing.

The test showed that the attorney’s gun was the murder weapon.

He was subsequently charged.

In an unsworn statement, Lawrence said he went outside of his house after being alerted by a sound.

He further said he felt threatened and discharged his firearm and a man ran away.

The lawyer said he did not know if the man was shot.

He also said he was sorry for the way things turned out.