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The importance of family

Published:Saturday | January 9, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Family is important, but many never live to realise just how important.

Days ago, a well-known man of the Yallahs community in St Thomas passed away in the shop that he called home.

Known only as Mr Rogers, many were unaware of the elderly man's relatives as they grew up seeing him alone.

The cold lifeless body of Mr Rogers sat untouched in his shop for hours even after people had realised he had passed. Unbeknown to the community members is how long the body had been sitting there.

It was neighbours who had to take on the responsibility of getting the body removed from the shop.

Following the incident, Family and Religion searched the community to get feedback on why family is important.

Taleya McFarlane

They make you happy whenever you feel stressed. When I'm with family, it makes me comfortable. No matter how young or old you are, you will need someone to help you at some point and, for me, that's where family comes in. They are always there for me.

If Mr Rogers had a family, then maybe he could have been taken to the hospital to be treated, though, I'm not sure what caused his death. Maybe if he had someone around him, he wouldn't have to endure whatever it is he was going through alone. I have known that man for a long time and I have never seen him with someone who I could pinpoint as his family.

Kerry-Ann Johnson

Family is the main source of socialisation and the first set of friends in our lives who we are able to depend on, trust, love and appreciate.

Family has a positive impact on an individual's life from which we can learn how to embrace each other.

This is where we are accepted for who we are. Whether you have a good or a bad family, they both play a very important role in our lives. They are our backbone.

Sanique Gordon

Family is like the legs of a table. Family supports, protects, disciplines, and this makes it very important in my life.

Family is where my life began, it's where I am celebrated, and it's where I am comforted through life's challenges. Everyone needs this in their lives.

Kaniel Palmer

Family is important because no one person can survive in this world on their own and we all need someone at some point in our lives.

Having positive family members around you helps to make life's challenges and decisions easier to face knowing that you are not alone and that, by any means, we can successfully achieve our desires in life.