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FLOW drives to build Jamaica through innovation and entrepreneurship

Published:Sunday | January 10, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Telecommunications provider FLOW said it ended 2015 proud of its contribution to and promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship through its sponsorship of initiatives that drive growth in these areas.

Through partnerships such as the World Bank-sponsored hackathons Digital Jam 2.0 and 3.0, as well as the technology ministry-conceived Start Up Jamaica, FLOW said it has played an essential role in driving innovation and overall economic growth through the mentorship and development of budding entrepreneurs.

Additionally, FLOW is a major sponsor of the partnership with Biztown, which is a Junior Achievement of Jamaica initiative to provide primary-school students with actual work experience in various industries including telecommunications. FLOW has also partnered to help develop entrepreneurship through the Angel Investor network, where more established and experienced entrepreneurs connect investors with suitable projects.

"Partnerships such as these are strategic because not only do they fuel innovation, they also instil confidence in our people to take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship, which ultimately spurs economic growth," said Garry Sinclair, FLOW's managing director.

"Our capital investments in the island's telecommunications infrastructure are well known, but we are most proud of our investments in projects that directly help people to improve their lives, particularly those that support the mentoring and development of young minds and growing start-ups through technology," Sinclair added.

He also went on to say: "The best advice I can give any young entrepreneur is: don't be afraid to take risks, because you'll miss every shot you don't take. Second, don't hesitate to list your company on either of our stock exchanges. It's a great place to develop the governance and administrative discipline required to be a successful business ... and raise capital."

Sinclair, who the University of Technology recently awarded its 2015 Corporate Entrepreneur of the Year, is in addition to being head of business for FLOW in Jamaica, also a bit of an entrepreneur with 30 years of commercial experience under his belt.

The FLOW boss who is also a CWJ board member currently serves on other Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)-listed company boards, where he is chairman of Kingston Properties, and a board and EXCO member of Proven Investments.

All three companies were the top-three performing stocks on the JSE for 2014.

Over the last five years, Sinclair's dynamic young Jamaican management team at FLOW has delivered record growth in the company's mobile subscriber base. The company operated under the retail name LIME before the acquisition of FLOW by C&W, the parent company of C&WJ.