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Elite Leaders helping persons to take charge of their financial future

Published:Monday | January 11, 2016 | 12:00 AMKeisha Hill
Some of the graduates of the Elite Leaders International programme following receipt of their certification.
Some of the material used in the Elite Leaders International programme

At the start of each year, many persons set resolutions and goals that they desire to accomplish.

One goal that heads the list for many persons is to get out of debt and/or start earning more. These objectives are not often realised. However, starting this year, there is a one-year programme available that will give persons the skill sets and tools to take charge of their financial future for 2016 and beyond.

The programme, offered through Elite Leaders International, has taken on the task to train and develop over 100,000 persons globally by 2030 in areas of cash flow management, entrepreneurship, investment, leadership, sales, and marketing by providing an Elite Business System.

Elite Leaders is a franchise brand owned and managed by Elite Leaders International Inc, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Its founder, a Jamaican, Mark Williams, currently operates a franchise in Jamaica at the University of Technology's Innovation Centre. Williams has been professionally trained by world renowned bestselling author of the popular book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki.




"The team at Elite Leaders International has a passion to help people, and we believe if we improve the financial wellbeing of families, we will build a better nation" he said. Already hundreds of Jamaicans have begun training and have graduated from its programmes. Among them is Daniella Hyde, a single mother and full-time employee, whose defining moment came in August 2014 when she attended a free financial literacy and wellness training hosted by Elite Leaders.

During the training session, Hyde was introduced to the concept of cash flow management and became financially independent through proper management of her finances. In September 2014, Hyde enrolled in the one-year financial wellness programme called The Vault, and, within three months, she started accumulating more money at the end of each month. She has also reduced her debt by 60 per cent, and is in the process of purchasing her first investment property and formalising her garment manufacturing business.

"This programme has changed my life so drastically, that I am a different person and I now look for other opportunities to become financially independent" she said. Williams is inviting all Jamaicans to take advantage of this training opportunity, emphasising that even the one hour free exercise will greatly benefit them on their path to financial freedom.

To learn more about Elite Leaders International, visit: http://www.eliteleadersinternational.com/jm.