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Bad gas ruined holidays, cost $120K - motorist

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Sean Jackson of Morant Bay, St Thomas, is one of the many drivers or car owners who have fallen victim to the 'bad gas' saga affecting Jamaica.

Jackson told The Gleaner that, unlike most of those affected, his vehicle was hit by bad gas four times.

"The bad gas situation really do me bad. It caused the car to have no power at all, to overheat, shut down when in traffic, or whenever I tried to go over a hill, whether small or big. It destroyed the gas pump and injectors," he said.

"And because I have to force it (the vehicle) to go, it caused it to overheat and blow the head gasket, which I had to replace. In all, it cost me about $120,000 to fix my car," he said.

Jackson revealed that his malfunctioning vehicle tremendously affected not only his holiday (Christmas and New Year), but also his job.

"I am a site supervisor and I work in a different parish, so I had to be renting cars, even up to now. The car shut down from New Year's Eve! I didn't even get to take out my family for the holiday. I went to have a family dinner and my car shut down right there.

I fixed it and went to a party New Year's Eve and in the middle of the night it shut down on me on the road. Up to now, my vehicle is parked up in a public place, no use to me," he revealed.

According to Jackson, he is now planning to buy a new engine, which will cost him another $55,000.

"That, plus I have to be paying $4,000 per day to rent vehicle, when I have my own car. Right now, I would really want to know where or how to get compensated. Who is going to help me to foot this bill?" he questioned, adding that he has no more money to spend on his vehicle.

Jackson told The Gleaner that his car is a year 2000 Mazda 323, which is more expensive than others to be repaired as its parts are not easily accessible.