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Footprints: Horace Clarke - A hardworking man, a respectable son and loving brother

Published:Tuesday | January 12, 2016 | 12:00 AM

He was the truest definition of jovial.

He was dubbed the realest father.

He was one of the kindest you will meet.

A hardworking man, a respectable son and loving brother - that was Horace Clarke.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, on October 4 in 1957, was a caring and admirable soul. His parents Winston Grant and Muriel Hanson welcomed him with open arms.

They helped him to find himself but never failed to teach him right from wrong. Clarke grew up to be just that; the man who disciplined his children but taught them core values they vowed to take through their lives.

Reita, Shaneika, Sheldon, and Horace Clarke Jr call him dad.

They remembered him as a fun but stern father.

"There are times when he was fun to be around but don't let that trick you, he's no joke," his daughter Shaneika said.

Horace Clarke was a hard working shoemaker who will be missed by his Kitson Town community in St Catherine. He spent most of his life living there as he offered his service to the community and anyone by extension. He was easy to love.

Horace Clarke was more commonly called 'Junior' by his family and friends. He was a family man. He shared a strong bond with his siblings Sherell Hanson, Olga Morgan, Juliet Hanson-Evans, Paulette Kenwood, and Ramunn Hanson.

"My father and I were very close. I could call him and he could call me. We were always there for each other," Shaneika said.

At age 59, Horace 'Junior' Clarke closed his chapter on December 31. He passed away at a time when his family was supposed to be happy and celebrating the coming of a new year. Instead, they were saddened by his untimely death. He leaves behind his grandchildren Monique Clarke, Sheldon Clarke, Tina Clarke, Ajorde Morgan, and Ajonie Bryant, his children, other relatives and friends to mourn his death.

A thanksgiving ceremony will be held for Clarke on January 31.

- Rasheda Myles