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Back home to build

Published:Wednesday | January 13, 2016 | 12:10 PMGareth Davis Sr
Contributed Raymond Lewis standing on the third floor of his 19- bedroom villa at Hectors River, Portland. 
A front view of the 19-bedroom villa at Hectors River, Portland.

Hectors River, Portland:

Honouring his mother's request was always on the mind of Raymond Lewis, hometown boy and past student of Titchfield High School in Portland, who has not only constructed a home, but has completed a 19-bedroom villa.

Lewis, who was among the class of 1986 at Titchfield, left for Canada in 1987 and became exposed to many opportunities. He did well for himself in business.

"Today, I am back to help with the rebuilding of my community and, by extension, my country," commented Lewis.

"While away, the request of my mother to rebuild the family home was never forgotten, and as such, I have not only built a home, but also Juanita Villa - named after her. This is a villa with a difference, which will allow tourists to become exposed to the Jamaican experience, and for the local people and those from other parishes to become acquainted with the Portland experience. I chose to return home, so as to create meaningful employment for the people," he added.

Juanita Villa is neatly perched on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea - with several acres of green and lush vegetation in the background.

Lewis pointed out that investing in the parish was a privilege, as it allows him to interact and reacquaint himself with family, lifelong friends, other community residents, and the political directorate.