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FLOW labels as 'act of sabotage' the latest cut of its fibre

Published:Friday | January 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Senior FLOW executives Carlton Baxter (left), vice-president, technology; Ronnie Thompson (centre), senior director of customer experience; and Christopher Bryan (second right), head of security at FLOW, along with the police, examine remnants of the company’s cables which were vandalised in Old Harbour.

Telecommunications firm FLOW has been delivered its 20th fibre cut in three months and is describing this latest theft as "an act of sabotage caused by vandals' intent on wreaking havoc on the company's networks and the provision of service to its customers".

FLOW said the latest incident occurred in Old Harbour, St Catherine. And the 20 fibre cuts to its system since November last year have spread across various locations across the island, affecting customers in sections of St Catherine, Clarendon and Manchester.


3,000 customers


"The damage is extensive. This is a clear act of vandalism that has deprived more than 3,000 customers of service. Since late last year, we have had to endure a series of coordinated fibre cuts. We are convinced this is a deliberate act of vandalism designed to destabilise our networks and wreak havoc on the delivery of service to our customers, including the providers of essential emergency services," a release quoted Ronnie Thompson, senior director of customer experience at FLOW, as saying.

The disruption affects critical voice and Internet services to areas such as Old Harbour and its environs, May Pen to Central Clarendon and Christiana, Spaulding and environs in Manchester.

FLOW said its engineers are on the ground working to restore service in the shortest time possible and are reminding members of the public to call its hotline at 1-888-922-4357, to report acts of vandalism or sabotage of its equipment.

It is offering a reward to persons who supply information which leads to the arrest and conviction of persons who cut its fibre.