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Scotia Group welcomes new chartered financial analysts

Published:Friday | January 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Paul Smith (left), president and CEO of the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute, holds the attention of Darlene Jones, executive director, the Jamaica Institute of Financial Services; and Hugh Miller, COO, Scotia Investments, at the recently held breakfast at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.
Newly minted Scotia Group Chartered Financial Analysts (from left) Mario Ahjahorie, Franklyn Anderson, and Andrew Wedemire, were three of 11 to receive their charter last week.

Scotia Group celebrated with three of its own last Thursday as they officially received their charter as Certified Financial Analysts (CFA) from the CFA Institute's global body. Mario Ahjahorie, Franklyn Anderson, Andrew Wedemire were three of the 11 persons received into this august body at a special dinner hosted at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.




To officially welcome the newly minted charter holders and to celebrate the first visit of president and CEO of the CFA Institute, Paul Smith, Scotia Group hosted a special breakfast for them. The event was used to underscore the importance of CFAs in the development of Jamaica, as well as to give an overview of the current economic situation.

Both Paul Smith of the CFA Institute and Jason Morris of Scotia Investments spoke about the role of CFAs and the economy respectively. Smith endorsed the establishment of a Jamaican chapter of CFAs, saying that this will positively impact the financial community and assist in the creation of an industry geared towards delivering what Jamaica needs from its financial sector.

Globally, the CFA Institute is dedicated to helping develop the societal framework and then utilising the expertise of educators and employers, to improve the quality organisations and their operations.




The International Monetary Fund programme is being executed well; inflation is below three per cent, low oil prices are contributing to improvements in manufacturing and construction; and increasing electricity consumption, due to lower prices, mean improved productivity.

The CFA programme is an international professional credential recognised across the world. A candidate who successfully completes the programme and meets other professional requirements is awarded the CFA Charter and becomes a CFA Charter Holder. Scotia Group is one of top employers of CFA Charter Holders in Jamaica, with 14 of the 56 members in the island working with the organisation.