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'A spirit of withcraft hurting Spanish Town'

Published:Saturday | January 16, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Bishop Dr Rowan Edwards

SPANISH TOWN, St Catherine:

The notion that there are three evil spirits contributing to the destabilisation St Catherine in particular, Spanish Town, was highlighted at the annual day of prayer and fasting for the capital held Wednesday at the Open Bible Church in Twickenham Park.

Pastor of the Light House Assembly of God, Lime Tree, Spanish Town Bishop Rowan J Edwards, in addressing the more than 2,000 worshippers at the prayer and fasting service, held under the theme 'We Pray for the City, God Brings Prosperity,' declared that there is a spirit of witchcraft, a spirit of murder and crime and a spirit of extortion overshadowing Spanish Town.

"These three spirits are destroying our land, but by God, we are wining the battle, a lot of people including members of the business community are mixed up in the spirit of witchcraft. Portia Simpson Miller cannot handle it (neither can) the MPs," the firebrand apostolic Bishop proclaimed.

Disclosing that a visible reduction in murders and extortion in Spanish Town, confirmed by official police statistics, is as a result of a crushing of the three spirits by the spirit of God, Edwards said the churches in St Catherine are triumphing over these spirits by their continuous prayer and fasting.

"We have come together to deal with the spiritual aspect of Spanish Town, the churches are assigned to come against crime and violence, we are working together to kill these monsters," Edwards revealed.

"You will notice that we spoke about witchcraft; that comes along with murder and extortion, all these evil spirits are mixed together," he continued.

promise of 10,000 jobs

Edwards pointed to a promise of 10,000 jobs coming to Spanish Town as not normal given the stigma that has been attached to the former capital of Jamaica.

"All this is happening because the churches pray and fast for peace in the city," said Edwards, while referencing a scripture where God made a promise to heal the land if 'His people who are called by His name will humble themselves and pray to him.'

At this point, the charismatic bishop had the entire congregation standing on their feet, some acknowledging his pronouncements with loud shouts of "Hallelujah!" while some spoke in unknown tongues.

He said investors are now looking at Spanish Town because they are seeing that there is a level of calm that has come over the city.

"What God is doing in Spanish Town is bringing healing to the city because the Church of the living God is standing against these spirits."

stand up against murder

According to Edwards, God chose David to stand up against murder and Elijah to stand up against Jezebels, witchcraft and extortion. He said the Church, which is the spiritual authority, has to stand up against the witches and murderers who want to take over the town.

"We will declare that Spanish Town will not go backwards, the town is going forward because we are using prayer, fasting and the power of God against the wicked devices of the enemy that is existing on our town," Edwards assured.

"We have to tear down these spirits. We are standing here because God is with the Church and no weapon that is formed against us shall prosper," he said.

Supporting the notion that Spanish Town is overshadowed by a spirit of witchcraft, Dr O'Neil Ankle, principal of Jonathan Grant High School, who is also a preacher, revealed that he had to deal with this spirit in his school on many occasions.

He related an incident in which a student who was possessed by demons could not be restrained by five male figures.

"It was only after pleading the blood of Jesus Christ that the student was made whole," he said.

Meanwhile, Inspector Ian Purrier, who heads the Community Safety and Security branch of the St Catherine police acknowledged that there was a reduction in murders and crime in general.

"Yes, apart from the police doing a fine job, this can also be attributed to the praying churches in the parish," he told Family and Religion.