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Worth more than rubies - Crystal Daye spreading the 'She's Royal' message

Published:Saturday | January 16, 2016 | 12:00 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston
Crystal Daye and her daughter.
CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS Crystal Daye spreading the ‘She’s Royal’ message

Crystal Daye spreads the 'She's Royal' message

When Crystal Daye urges women to understand their worth and to have good self-esteem, she knows what she is talking about.

Growing up in poverty, sometimes going to bed hungry, missing out on a lot because of her situation, she still saw herself as being favoured by God.

"Because no matter what, He always sent people to help me," she said.

In spite of their economic challenges, she said her father drilled into her and her siblings' heads that education is the key to success and the only way out of the innercity. This, she said, was her motivation in being a high achiever throughout her school years.

At age 14, Daye was a party animal. Her good grades and a mother who trusted her, saw her being the life at a lot of parties "dancing up a storm".

"I was very independent and needed to climb the corporate ladder so relationships and marriage would slow me down. Again, I was very focused and determined and very passionate about people. I wanted to become a politician because I really believe that was the only way I could help people," Daye said.

She thought about Christianity and, at the back of her mind, said she knew one day she would embrace the faith, but "a girl like me just could not give up friends, boyfriends, sex, partying, and the hype life."

She said she got baptised in 2009 without the full realisation of what it really meant to be saved, but at the time, she was running into a wreck.

"Boyfriend drama, women harassing me about their men, then a good friend of mine died unexpectedly and this shocked me so I wanted a free pass to heaven. I also looked at all the great things God has done for me, and I had bargained with Him so much, I figured I do owe Him," she said.

back to her old life

Three months later, she was back to her old life with an improvement - this time she only had one boyfriend.

"I didn't stop going church though. Actually, I went to prayer meetings, Bible studies, and after clubbing on Saturday night, you best believe, I will be at church Sunday morning. I feared God, though, so I didn't get involved in church or take communion," she shared.

In 2011, when she got pregnant, she didn't see it as a major issue to her path to success as she reasoned since she will be climbing the corporate ladder, and most of the women she knew had one child and no husband, she figured this life was good for her.

"Another part of me thought about abortion because I was afraid of what people would say since my child's father had another girlfriend. Plus the girls in my community looked up to me and my dad would be disappointed. But I was a big girl, 24 years old with my degree, decent job; I knew I would be fine. I remembered at a youth retreat I went to where I was told don't try to cover one sin with another."

Daye said it was a hard period for her, but she thanked God for the support system she had - her family, close friends, and church family which eventually saw her committing her life to the Lord.

"In 2013, I felt like I wanted more. I felt like I needed to be a better person for my daughter, and I just wasn't happy even though I got the house, car, good job, and pursuing higher studies. I decided to take God at His word that He had great plans for my life. So I decided to stop having sex and be celibate until God sends me a husband; stop partying and truly pursue God like never before."

passionate and committed

Fast forward to 2016, and Daye is now very passionate and committed to a movement 'She's Royal' that was launched by herself and Keisha Dougan.

"She's Royal Movement is a faith-based organisation that inspires women of all ages to become true purpose-driven ladies who are confident and know their worth," said Daye of her ministry.

Since then, She's Royal has been making a big difference in a lot of women's lives. Through workshops and mentorship programmes, young women are taught how to be graceful, self-esteem, social skills, and confidence in Christ.

Speaking on its impact, Daye said she has seen so many changes in the girls who faithfully attend the monthly meetings and fellowships, with many of them showing more confidence and being aware of their worth.

Now the holder of a bachelor of science degree in management studies and is currently completing her masters of business administration, the 28-year-old, who hails from Maxfield Avenue and Arnett Gardens is imploring women to know their true worth - not by some of what she did - parties, career, vain beauty, material things, but actually coming into the knowledge of who they are.

"This is only found in truly accepting that you are made in God's image so no matter your complexion, your background, your relationship status, you are truly beautiful! As women, we need to stop trying to beat down on another woman or try to compete because we all are valuable and worth far more than rubies," she said.