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High-energy meeting underway to present Juliet Holness as JLP candidate

Published:Sunday | January 17, 2016 | 7:42 PM
In this file photo, Juliet Holness appeared on a political platform with her husband, JLP Leader Andrew Holness.

At first glance, it looked like a mass rally – throngs of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters all in one place wearing green T-shirts bearing images of their Corporate Area candidates.

But on entry to the Karl Hendrickson auditorium at the Jamaica College (JC) Old Hope Road complex, photographic images of Juliet Holness with the letters J A H in block capital were placed all around and there was no mistaking it.

Juliet Holness, the wife of JLP Leader Andrew Holness was being presented in all her glory as she competes with the glamorous PNP candidate, Imani Duncan Price, for bragging rights, ahead of the real deal – the impending General Election when they will clash in East Rural St Andrew.

Duncan Price who has been parading with her father, the indefatigable DK Duncan, was last week anointed by former PNP President PJ Patterson.

But Holness is out to go one better.

All the party bigwigs were out early at JC this evening in the high-energy environment as party music reverberated throughout the campus.

Marissa Dalrymple Philibert, an outspoken critic of the JLP leader, is slated to endorse his Mrs Holness along with high ranked females such as Marigold Harding, wife of political veteran Oswald Harding.

Also listed on the programme are Daryl Vaz, James Robertson, Karl Samuda, Derrick Smith, Juliet Cuthbert Flynn and Fayval Williams.

Holness will then formerly present his wife as the JLP standard bearer for East Rural St Andrew.