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Tech Times: Tech Term of the Week

Published:Monday | January 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Dancehall EFX

Written and Compiled by Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Tech Term of the Week:

Zero-Day Exploit

- The zero-day exploit is a peculiar name for a type of malware that affects software and a few hardware but it usually takes a long period for the attacker to actually find the vulnerability in a system to invade. Hence the term "zero-day", developers have zero days to prepare for the attack. Attackers study a program to find the best point to assimilate a kind of code to "confuse" the software or hardware selected. Just the same, these zero-day exploits are hard to detect and slowly cause a breakdown in software. The zero-day exploit may also include worms, Trojan horses and viruses which patiently breakdown the target. While many software and hardware may be protected to only allow authorised codes or actions hackers create codes that mimic functions of the target.

Everyday users of the technology will figure out that a problem has occurred by crashes or a theft of some sort that is then reported to the developer. Many zero-day exploiters will even sell their destroy codes on technology black markets. As programmers develop software or updates for a device it is normal for a vulnerability to become a part of the system but this is another reason programmers introduce software updates to either correct minor issues which can be major if malware such as zero-day exploits get a hold of.

Apps this Week:

F1rst for Android

- Taking an adventure or trying a new restaurant in Jamaica or anywhere in the Caribbean can be as easy as installing the F1rst mobile application on the Android device you use. Android users can discover, share and connect with places through the first app by just typing the name into the search tab. There are many reviews and ratings by persons with the same interests or those that have visited a place within the category (whether Pharmacy, Grocery shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Spas etc.) chosen. Some places also allow F1rst users to check-in after using the app to find them.

WePree Jamaica Classifieds for Apple (iPhone)

- The Jamaican mobile application WePree may not be the most organised app for users interested in shopping or making posts on items available for sale but it is a good start. Individuals living in Jamaica have an avenue to advertise things from large property to small articles for sale via the app. Likewise purchase or make connections to purchase from any of the 20 categories that are within the listings. Persons can login via Facebook and view the community page. It is available for Android as well. Note that persons can post, sell or buy from any location. Most recent app update was December 22nd.

Dancehall EFX for Windows

- We included Dancehall EFX in the list of apps this week not for the quality but because of what it offers. It is just for fun, to listen and share a collection of audio files of Jamaican sound effects, catch phrases and samples. Users may also upload or add their favourite sounds to the current app collection. It was first published in September 2014 but the most recent update was done in March of last year to include new sounds to the voice section. Dancehall EFX is only 15MB and may not be an app that is used often but kudos to the developer.