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Godartise sees his ministry as a calling from God

Published:Friday | January 22, 2016 | 11:08 PM
Godartiste is determined to fulfil his God-given purpose
Johnoy Davis is a gospel artiste who ascertains that he was called to serve in this capacity
Twenty-four-year-old Johnoy Davis says he is inspired by the music of Jermaine Edwards, a popular local artiste and by Odayne Rhoden.

Many people become performing artistes solely because they can sing or because they have a passion. And that's fine.

But when it comes on to gospel, it should be different. One should have a calling that they responded to - a calling from God.

This call is the factor which separates performances from ministry and that's how souls are saved.

Johnoy Davis is a gospel artiste who ascertains that he was called to serve in this capacity from he was very young.

It was through this "calling" that he came up with his stage name, God's Artiste, which was later merged into one word to be Godartiste.

Family and Religion was eager to know how what made him so sure that God had summoned him to be a song minister.

"I was around the music for a while, playing keyboards all over the place. Each crusade I went to, prophecies were constantly being made over my life and ministry. I asked God to confirm and He did in no uncertain way.

"The final answer came last year, in July, when Reverend Glendon McNish told me that God said I should launch out into the deep. That's when I really became serious about ministry and did my first EP," he said.

Today, Godartiste has nine songs under his belt (eight on the EP and one single).


He reveals that though the sales are good, the songs are not getting as much airplay as he would like, but he is pleased that people have testified that they were ministered to by the content of his songs.

"My songs are most times about personal struggles as a young Christian. Other times, they are about worshipping Jehovah for the many challenges He has brought me through," he revealed.

When asked about the hardest thing about being a gospel artiste, Godartiste said that there are a number of things he could say:

"For me, it takes money to produce quality music and also sometimes even with good material, getting people to buy into your product is a task. Getting airplay is another challenge, but the passion I have for the art, the calling that has been on my life and the doors God has been opening for me to progress in the industry, keep me going," he said.

The 24-year-old man says that he is inspired by the music of Jermaine Edwards, a popular local artiste, and by Odayne Rhoden, a friend of his who now resides overseas.

"I see Jermaine as a full package - singer, songwriter, musician and producer and that's exactly where I aspire to be. These gifts are evident in the quality of his music and make his product very easy to market," he said.

Godartiste has already collaborated with Joseph Emmanuel, another local artiste, and reveals that on his 'collab wish list' are Jermaine Edwards, Omari, Chozenn, Christina Roshay and Jabez.

"Many people have helped me thus far on my journey, but there are three persons who God used to assist me and I want to thank them. They are Chozenn, Joseph Emanuel and Clayon Salmon, the owner of Likkleman Productions. These guys have been in my corner, prayed with me, and encouraged me along," he said.

Godartiste is determined to fulfil his God-given purpose as he recalls his initial stages when he was made to choose between ministry and something else that was very important to him.

"When I choose the ministry, God gave me a scripture which reassured me that when everyone forsakes me He will take care of me and since then, every move I made He was there to instruct me.

"So my ministry isn't constructed by my will or my gifting, it is aligned with the will of God," he said.