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Jazz up your health for 2016

Published:Friday | January 22, 2016 | 12:00 AMJanelle Oswald
Kerry Coote
Lou Corona

A businesswoman and mother of two has organised a health and wellness seminar to kick-start the nation to becoming more health-conscious for 2016.

Kerry Coote, businesswoman-turned raw-food exponent and health coach, states, "The most expensive bed is in the hospital." She has launched Jazz Up Your Health, a four-day "life-changing" extravaganza at The Devonshire, Devon House from the January 28 - 31. It will be presented by Life in Your Food Jamaica in order to inspire and encourage a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle of everyone.

Determined to make a difference, Coote has invited world-renowned wholistic health educator Lou Coronas, president and founder of Puradyme, to share his life skills in helping people to become more proactive and conscientious about better health choices.

Coronas is known for working with people who suffer from asthma, cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, pre-menstrual syndrome and Chron's disease among others. Coote, who is excited about welcoming Coronas to Jamaica, once suffered from fibrocystic breast disease - a benign condition in which women develop painful lumps in their breasts.

She told The Gleaner: "Almost every day we see and hear about people who are dying from lifestyle diseases. Knowing that this can be avoided and/or reversed by simple lifestyle changes, I was prompted to share my knowledge with other Jamaicans."




Explaining how to avoid that most expensive bed, Coote continued, "During my path to health and wellness, I was introduced to Lou Coronas' teachings and eventually met him when I attended a Raw Living Expo in California. I spent time learning the lifestyle as well as how to prepare food. The experience was life-transforming for me. I used to have fibrocystic breasts and was told I would always have this condition. But since following Lou's advice on how to reverse an unhealthy body by simple lifestyle changes, I no longer have this issue."

Attaining her certification at The Graff Academy of Raw Food Education, Georgia and the Sunfried Culinary Institute, Coote promises that health seekers will not be disappointed, especially because Jazz Up Your Health offers various activities catered to well-being.

"The seminars are geared towards educating and inspiring people to lead and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Participants will be able to explore the themes of health, life balance, and wellness through workshops and discussion sessions," said Coote.

Coote is also welcoming potential sponsors who want to participate in the event. She added, "This programme will provide practical workshop sessions teaching food preparation and lifestyle balance, advice and strategies. Our wellness seminar educates the health-curious, elevates the understanding of the health conscious, and raises awareness of the importance of good health through the exchange of information and resources," she said.

Coote believes "your health is your first wealth". She concluded, "The event aims to bring about positive impact to improve lives by inspiring and compelling people to eat and live better. The seminar will enable participants to walk away with concrete skills for prioritising their health and wellness, which will be beneficial to our country as it reduces the strain on our health system."

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