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UPDATED: UWI, Mona maintains it does not casually increase tuition fees

Published:Friday | January 22, 2016 | 10:37 AM

The Mona campus of the University of the West Indies, is rejecting as untrue, a claim by the guild of students that the administration haphazardly imposes fees, especially hall charges, on students. 

Guild president, Davianne Tucker, made the claim recently at a press conference hosted by the Inter-Campus Guild Council, which comprises the UWI's four guild councils representing more than 50,000 students. 

Speaking on behalf of the Mona guild, Tucker said the university needed to strike a balance between cost and affordability that will ensure the viability of the 68-year-old institution while not overburdening students. 


UWI, Mona guild president, Davianne Tucker

Tucker received support from guild president at the Cave Hill campus in Barbados, Dalano DaSouza, who added that the UWI campuses need to look beyond student fees to meet their financial needs. 

However, the UWI Mona's Director of Communications, Dr Carroll Edwards told The Gleaner/Power 106 News Centre that it is not true for the students to accuse the university of 'haphazardly’ raising fees. 

She explained that halls of residence are intended to be self-financing with their major source of income coming from fees charged to students.

Dr Edwards added that fees for each academic year are determined after a thorough budget development process that involves a detailed examination of the year to date expenditure of each hall and the projected income and expenditure. 

Students attending the UWI Mona in Jamaica pay about 35 per cent of the full cost of their studies.

The rest is largely subsidised by the government.

*NOTE: Earlier, the headline on this story suggested that the UWI, Mona was accusing the Guild of Students of not telling the truth about the way in which fees are increased. That was inaccurate. The headline has since been adjusted.